The American Legion Post 113 owns the Veterans Memorial Building shown here. It is designated as a historic structure. Ada County contributes to the building’s upkeep, and Post 113 welcomes any Veteran’s Organization in need of meeting space. This structure is accessible for weddings, receptions, reunions, and other events. They feature two floors, tables, and chairs, as well as audio and video display equipment and kitchen facilities.

It is true that every wedding-related decision helps to shape your special day; there is a handful that has a greater impact than others. One of the most significant? It’s at your disposal. Your party room has the power to define the tone of your wedding, which is why picking the right location is crucial. Isn’t there any pressure? There doesn’t have to be, according to several of the wedding industry’s most well-known planners—especially if you use their advice.

We’d like to introduce you to American Legion Post 778 to assist you with this crucial wedding planning decision.

Venue spaces

The facilities and rental spaces available at American Legion Post 778 are the legion banquet hall, victory room, shelter rental at legion memorial park, and canopy rental.

Sometimes couples look for two sorts of locations for their wedding: one for the ceremony and one for the reception. Most of the brides and grooms choose just one. The reason is that it is more cost-effective for both you and your guests. Others, notably those marrying in a place of worship, opt for two. If you’re in the latter group, keep the following in mind: It’s critical to know the travel time to the venue so you can arrange your event start timings properly and create an accurate day-of itinerary for your vendors. Also, think about where you’ll take your pictures. Considering these things, the American Legion Post 778 provides perfect venue space for receptions.

Wedding services offered by American Legion Post 778

Try to find a venue that matches your vision. Finally, the style of your wedding venue is a matter of personal taste and who you are as a bride. Traditional fiancées prefer indoor venues like hotels and ballrooms. Do you have a rustic-themed event in mind? We recommend a vineyard with panoramic views or an outdoor, in-bloom garden. The American Legion Post 778 offers both options. It offers an amazing reception area, indoor event space, and ceremony area as well.

Wedding booking and budget

You need to book for the event in advance. You can perfectly plan your event when you have extra time. So, try to secure a wedding date that can allow you enough time to plan for your wedding events.

You can rent the banquet hall for $800 (cleanup fees included). The shelters of Legion Memorial Park are also available for rent ($120/shelter).

Wedding coordinator vs. wedding planner

American Legion Post 778 has an on-staff event coordinator. It’s possible that you won’t be able to tell the difference between an event coordinator and a planner. You might believe that an event organizer can take care of all of your wedding preparation needs. We have worked in the wedding industry for decades and can assure you that this is not the case. It can be perplexing, but here’s how it works.

The bride and groom do not employ an event coordinator. Instead, he works for the venue, and he is in charge of ensuring that the event runs smoothly for the management. As a result, he will not pay attention to your requirements.

We’ve come to solve this issue. Weddings of Pittsburgh’s team will work for you and will always put your needs first. We can help you with every step of the wedding planning process, and we’ll be there to make sure nothing is forgotten or overlooked during your wedding ceremony.

Weddings of Pittsburgh Can Help You Plan Your Wedding Ceremony at American Legion Post 113

Don’t let your wedding be just another event. When it comes to weddings, “just another event” isn’t good enough. Weddings are special days that deserve nothing less than an extraordinary experience.

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