Betsy’s Barn is located in a little rural village near Portersville, and it is bordered by lovely McConnell’s Mill State Park. For over ten years, Betsy’s Barn has provided an original and unique site for one of the most important days of your life.

Betsy’s Barn was constructed in 1999 by a small group of Amish workers from the area. The original dimensions were 40’x80′ with a lower and higher level. As the Barn’s popularity expanded, so did its size, which could now accommodate up to 300 people. The venue now has a huge covered wraparound porch with modern washroom facilities, a bar area, an open-air lounge, and a glass-encased deck. This provides around 7000 square feet of countryside splendour!

You can relax and know that your event will go on rain or shine, regardless of the weather outside. The Barn isn’t heated or cooled, but it does have plenty of cross ventilation and fans to move air on hot summer days.

Venue spaces offered by Betsy’s Barn at Cheeseman Farm

On-site weddings, bridal showers, engagement parties, rehearsal parties, and receptions may accommodate up to 300 guests at Betsy’s Barn. You can get farm & ranch, Barn and ballroom for your wedding. Your elopement can also be held on-site if you prefer something more personal. If you are planning your big day at Betsy’s Barn, you’ll have about 7,000 square feet of space to customize and make your own at the location. Despite its rustic post and beam construction, the Barn has contemporary amenities such as electricity and restrooms for your comfort and convenience. If requested, couples and visitors will be accommodated.

Available wedding services at Betsy’s Barn

Betsy’s Barn offers wedding planning and packages to make the planning and execution of your wedding a breeze. The crew can provide full-service catering to meet your food and beverage requirements. The meals are mostly prepared on the farm, and couples and guests will have a menu to pick from. You may also pick from a variety of other services, such as outside vendors, liability insurance, cleanup and setup service, event rentals and bridal suites.

Wedding dates

Like any other venue, all of the bookings should be made in advance. You can ask the management for the event calendar and decide which date is perfect for you.

Wedding budget and packages

Weddings are special as they are one of the most significant days of your life. So, they should be full of excitement and unforgettable moments. What to offer your visitors is one of the most important and challenging decisions you’ll make. You can create a customized wedding package at Betsy’s Barn. You can get several services in the starting fee, including setup & cleanup, bridal suite, tables, flatware, linens and chairs.

How to differentiate between event coordinator and planner?

Betsy’s Barn at Cheeseman Farm also offers an event coordinator. It’s likely that you won’t be able to identify the difference between a planner and an event coordinator. You may feel that an event planner can handle all of your wedding planning requirements. We have decades of experience in the wedding industry and can tell you that this is not the case. It can be confusing at first; however, here’s how it works.

The bride and groom do not hire a wedding planner. Instead, he works for the venue, where he is in charge of ensuring that the management’s event runs successfully. As a result, he is unlikely to pay heed to your demands.

We’ve come to find a solution to this problem. The team at Weddings of Pittsburgh will work for you and will always prioritize your needs. Wedding of Pittsburgh can assist you with every step of the wedding preparation process, and we’ll be present during your wedding ceremony to ensure that nothing is forgotten or ignored.