Confident Couple Workshop™

February 9, 2020
at Nova Place

Help, I want to plan my wedding myself, but have no idea what to do or where to start. Start now by registering for my Confident Couple Workshop™!

Here is the little boost you need to get started planning and knowing what to do.

The Pittsburgh Wedding Planner, Tonya Edinger, is an education expert in her field.  At The Confident Couple Workshop™ you will learn how to plan your own wedding with confidence!  You will receive processes you can easily implement to look like a pro and get everything done on time.

This workshop is exclusively offered only 4 times a year.

Who is this for?  The main person doing the planning

What does this cost? $500 per person

  • February 9th, 2020, Noon to 4pm at Nova Place, 100 S. Commons, Pittsburgh, Pa 15212 Parking is located at Gate 4 and cost is $5
  • April 2020, Noon to 4pm, location TBD
  • July 2020, Noon to 4pm, location TBD
  • November 2020, Noon to 4pm, location TBD

Workshop inclusions:

  • 4 hours with expert wedding planner Tonya Edinger
  • Comprehensive planning course designed to give any bride the confidence to plan like a pro
  • Workbook included

Investment $500.00 per person – NO REFUNDS


Why does a bride turn into a Bridezilla?  Top 4 reasons:

1. She doesn’t understand

2. She feels pressured to perform a task she knows nothing about

3. She feels alone

4. She feels overwhelmed

I asked myself “Why don’t I have Bridezilla Clients?”

The answer is because I educate my clients throughout the process, when you understand, you automatically feel more confident because you know what is happening. 

No one is educating brides on their role in planning.  When you hire a professional planner you can trust their expertise, when you are DIY who can you trust? 

Your mom?  She got married years ago, what connections does she have?

Your maid of honor? She is still single!

I invite you to learn from a trusted expert, myself, let me educate you so you can plan like a pro and enjoy the engagement journey!    —Tonya Edinger