Tonya Edinger

Every day I wake up excited to come to work and plan wedding masterpieces.  I am TLo (JLo) The Wedding Planner!!  I can’t wait to discover exactly what you want for your wedding day, private party, or event!

—Tonya Edinger, Concierge Wedding and Event Planner

Discover Why Tonya Edinger is One of the Most Popular Wedding Planners in Pittsburgh, PA

At Weddings of Pittsburgh, our mission is to provide you with the WOW factor not only to walk down the aisle but to offer your guests that same experience for all of your future social events. We want your coworkers, friends, and family begging you to have another party year after year!

Tonya Edinger and her team provide personalized wedding and event concierge services to a busy world.

Are you busy? Of course, you are!  By making ONE decision, the decision to hire Tonya Edinger and her team with Weddings of Pittsburgh, you will make all your other decisions easy.  With an expert by your side, guiding you through the wedding journey, you can really enjoy it stress-free and be fully present for every spectacular moment!

Tonya Edinger was featured in the Spring and Summer issue of Perfect Wedding Guide – Pittsburgh “Ask the Expert”    Tonya has been selected as the expert for the 3rd time in a row, she is the conductor making your wedding a beautiful symphony just like you imagined!

Brides, grooms, wedding party, and guests all agree, when they think about Tonya, one phrase comes to mind: Born for planning. Cool under pressure and fast with solutions, she’s the one everyone counts on to make things happen. Creative ideas? She’s got ’em. Details? Resource management? She’s got those handled too. So when the big day arrives, and Murphy’s Law kicks into overdrive, there’s no need to panic. Everyone can relax – she’s got things under control.

She plans weddings, organizes professional events, and livens up private parties.  Tonya is continually making connections in the event industry through referrals and networking which is great for you because she knows the latest trends, the best vendors and can save you time and money from her efforts.

Tonya instinctively knows how to work together cohesively with vendors, over-delivering, ensuring you a one of a kind time.  Her attentiveness to your special day allows her to identify and overcome glitches. When problems arise, and they sometimes do, she jumps right in and delivers you a seamless, elegant experience, where you never knew anything was askew.

Do you have someone who will be creative enough to solve your problems?

Using your personalities, your visions and Tonya’s creativity you can give tradition a boost of flair.  After all, you want your first party together to be FUN and exciting, right?  Tonya is just the professional to make it happen.

In her free time, when she has it, she loves weddings!!!   She enjoys reading non-fiction. Family is number one to her.  Tonya has been happily married for 25 years to DJ Sean of Ultimate Entertaining and has three wonderful children. They are the #DynamicWeddingDuo!!

She also actively volunteers in church and with Raising Awareness about Sex Trafficking Children with the Same Page Parenting Program.  Is involved in the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber and serves on the Board of the Young professionals.


I can’t even begin to describe how amazing Tonya was for my wedding! Honestly, anything that could go wrong did and Tonya took care of everything. She kept everything moving, on time and from me pulling my hair out!! She is incredible and I promise you will not be disappointed with her by your side!


Weddings & Events of Pittsburgh will create your event reality!

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