It’s your wedding day, and you’re almost ready to walk down the aisle. You’ve got one last chance to make a decision: do you go with Olive or Twist? What does it matter, right? Well, as it turns out, this is a pretty important decision that could have an impact on your wedding just as much as choosing the venue.

We know that you’re looking for the perfect venue, and we want to help you find it! That’s why we put together information about the venue into this guide to walk you through everything you need to know about Olive or Twist Pittsburgh so that when it comes time for your big day, all of the pieces will fall into place.

You deserve an amazing wedding day, so let us take care of all the details while you enjoy moments with family and friends. From planning tips to vendor recommendations, the Weddings of Pittsburgh’s guide is full of helpful information that will make sure your big day goes off without a hitch.

About the Olive or Twist Wedding

olive or twist pittsburgh wedding

Olive or Twist is located at 140, 6th St, Pittsburgh. Olive or Twist has the perfect spot for your next private, elegant wedding! With an upstairs lounge and VIP Room, you can host up to 175 guests in style. The exposed brick walls will provide a sophisticated yet relaxing atmosphere with its contemporary design – no matter what type of event it will be.

This lovely gold-rimmed star ceiling is complemented by a black metal disco ball reflecting the gleaming metal ceiling, setting the mood for dancing all night. When you or your guests become thirsty, the stone black bar top with ceramic squares will keep you and them pleased.

At the Olive or Twist, a tiny light breaks up the gloom of the location to create an awesome party atmosphere for your elegant event. You and your spouse will have the ideal reception at the Olive or Twist that will serve as an excellent send-off as you begin this new chapter of your life together.

Olive or Twist Spaces

Banquet Hall

The stylish upstairs Lounge and VIP room offer the perfect atmosphere for any event with its contemporary design. The Lounge can accommodate up to 75 guests, while the VIP Room can host 100 guests.


Olive or Twist serves up some quality Italian cuisine with their wide menu of dishes. Reservations for the restaurant are required, and they can accommodate up to 110 guests.

Their catering service is still yet to decide on the official website.

Wedding Services Offered

olive or twist pittsburgh wedding

With their on-site catering service and event management, Olive or Twist is the ideal location to have your wedding. The venue offers event these services:

  • Bar Services
  • Clean Up
  • Wi-Fi
  • Event Planner
  • Catering Services
  • Set-Up
  • Wheelchair access

Wedding events you can arrange at Olive or Twist are:

  • Ceremony
  • Engagement Party
  • Reception
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Bridal Shower

Wedding Date

You should make a reservation call as soon as possible because of the high demand for wedding dates in this period. If you want to get on their books now, make sure they know- it’s going fast!

Don’t wait until it’s too late to book your spot! Make a venue reservation at least three months in prior. You’ll avoid disappointment if you don’t get one on the first try and guarantee yourself a date with this beautiful resort.

Wedding Budget

Olive or Twist offers many different pricing packages. Contact them to see if you can get a package that has the things you need, like chairs and tables.

For your convenience, the starting fee for wedding receptions during peak season is $1000. The price for bar service is $20. After discussing the specifics of your wedding contract and venue conditions over the phone or via email, your Olive or Twist event coordinator will be able to provide you with precise pricing.

Olive or Twist Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner

Olive or Twist offers an on-staff venue coordinator. A bride or groom may think that a venue coordinator is all they need to meet their wedding planning needs. As someone who has been in the wedding industry for decades, let me be clear – this isn’t the case! That’s because a venue coordinator is not the same thing as a wedding planner. How so? Let me explain

A venue coordinator is working for the venue and not the bride and groom. They have a vested interest in the success of their venue. Do you want to put all your planning needs in the hands of someone who isn’t putting you at the top of the priority list?

That is the difference that Weddings of Pittsburgh can make. My team and I have a vested interest in you first and foremost, and we will be there to advocate for the bride and groom every step of the way. 

That means nothing will get missed or forgotten about while planning your wedding day. This is something important to keep in mind when moving forward with wedding plans!

If You’re Planning an Event at Olive or Twist,  Weddings of Pittsburgh Will Be There to Walk Through Each Step With You

There are many wedding vendors that offer similar services; Weddings of Pittsburgh is committed to providing the best weddings service. 

We utilize our experience to help you choose the perfect venue, food, cake, flowers, entertainment, and transportation. At Weddings of Pittsburgh, our incredibly knowledgeable event staff is eager to assist you with your most important day.

It can be tough to find all the pieces for your big day in the right place. Let us handle your wedding reception so that you can relax with ease on your special day! 

Whether you’re looking for a wedding ceremony or reception, we have something that will suit best to your style and budget perfectly. Our experienced team is here with you every step of the way to ensure no detail goes overlooked at your next private wedding event.

To talk about your requirements, please contact us now at 724-968-7135 or fill out an appointment registration on our website. Let’s have a fun wedding at the Olive or Twist exactly what you dream of.