The Scottish Rite Cathedral is the most sought-after wedding venue in the Midwest due to its traditional and timeless beauty. Hand-carved timbers and rich masonry lit by stained glass create an amazing backdrop for a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Venue spaces available at the Scottish Rite Cathedral

There are many venue spaces at the Scottish Rite Cathedral, including Auditorium, Main Dining Room, Ball Room, East & West Dining Room, The Lobby, The Mezzanine, and East Lodge Room. The Auditorium has a capacity of 2,800 people. It was once the largest and most gorgeous Auditorium between New York and Chicago. It has hosted a lot of artists. The Scottish Rite Cathedral provides something for everyone, from national performers like Jerry Seinfield to local gems like the Greenville Symphony. It also contains a Mueller 4-Console Organ with approximately 5,000 pipes that produce beautiful sounds. It is linked to a player piano that is controlled by the organ keyboard. There are just two of them left in the world.

The Main Dining Room can accommodate 600 people at long banquet tables and 425 people at circular tables. There is a stage, a baby grand piano, and two food service stations in this space. The white walls are accented with burgundy and gold accents. While it is well-suited for huge banquets, it is also utilized for a variety of other events, including sporting events, auto fairs, wedding exhibits, and other public meetings.

Wedding services offered at the Scottish Rite Cathedral

There are various wedding services, including planning, dressing room, reception area, indoor event space, and ceremony area.

You can use the Ballroom, where the chandeliers produce stunning light patterns on the ceiling. The Ballroom can seat 250 people at long tables or 150 people at round tables.

The East and West Dining Rooms are 45 feet long and 78 feet wide, respectively. These rooms are great for anniversary celebrations, wedding showers, communion parties, banquets, and conferences since they are tastefully adorned and furnished. Each area can seat up to 200 people at long tables and 130 people at circular tables.

Wedding dates and budget

We recommend you always check the availability for a wedding date during your planning process. You can request the prices for your wedding from the management.

Wedding coordinator vs wedding planner

The Scottish Rite Cathedral offers an on-staff event coordinator. It’s possible that you won’t be able to tell the difference between an event coordinator and a planner. You might believe that an event organizer can take care of all of your wedding preparation needs. We have a lot of experience in the wedding industry for decades and can assure you that this is not the case. It can be perplexing, but here’s how it works.

The bride and groom do not employ an event coordinator. Instead, he works for the venue, and he is in charge of ensuring that the event runs smoothly for the management. As a result, he will not pay attention to your requirements.

We’ve come to solve this issue. Weddings of Pittsburgh’s team will work for you and will always put your needs first. We can help you with every step of the wedding planning process, and we’ll be there to make your wedding ceremony memorable.