There are two event spaces at the TRYP by Wyndham Lawrenceville, named Washington Room and Bier’s Landing. Both of these are spaces are ideal for weddings, wedding-related events, baby showers, and other events. The areas, which are located above the vibrant main lobby, can be used independently or combined for larger occasions. There are minimal decor, clean lines, and stunning architecture. All of this serves as a blank canvas for creative wedding and event planners.

You can also access the Brick Shop and Over Eden. These are Lawrenceville’s two new premium restaurants and cocktail bar. These are just a few steps away from the TRYP by Wyndham Lawrenceville. You can always go there for food and drinks. There is also a vast network of local artisanal food partners. They can ensure that the best of the Pittsburgh region’s delicacies are used for your event. Every TRYP event is tailored to your preferences and presented with style and flamboyance.

Venue spaces at the TRYP by Wyndham Lawrenceville

There are two venue spaces at the TRYP, including the Washington room and bier’s landing. The Washington Room is located above the main entrance, and it has an unmistakably large and private atmosphere. Bier’s landing overlooks the main lobby but still provides enough solitude, and it has a buzzy ambiance that’s ideal for pre-receptions and cocktail parties.

This venue has 108 rooms, including 6 family room suites with a king-size bed and adorable bunk beds. The maximum guest capacity is 100. In addition, you can also get over 2000 square feet of flexible, non-traditional space. There is also Over Eden, a stunning rooftop bar with skyline views, and the Brick Shop, a charming and comfortable pub serving local dishes with an out-of-this-world flavor.

What are the wedding services offered at TRYP by Wyndham Lawrenceville?

The TRYP by Wyndham Lawrenceville offers various wedding services, including:

  • Bars and drinks
  • Service staff
  • Food and catering
  • Rentals and equipment
  • Event planning

You can enjoy the original characteristics of the old structure at the TRYP Hotel by Wyndham. The old structure has been combined with the skills of local artists to give a truly extravagant experience. The tale of the building unfolds around every corner, and it provides the ideal backdrop for your perfect day.

You can also access the following amenities:

  • Valet parking
  • Pet-friendly
  • Accessible by handicapped
  • Availability of charged parking

Wedding dates and bookings

All of the bookings should be done in advance. You can ask the management for the event calendar and decide which date is perfect for you.

Wedding budget and pricing

The pricing depends on the number of guests and the services you want to include in your wedding ceremony. It would be best to be mindful of the additional fees; for example, valet parking is offered for $25, and the pet fee is also $25.

What is the difference between event coordinator and planner?

TRYP by Wyndham Lawrenceville also offers an event coordinator. It’s likely that you won’t be able to identify the difference between a planner and an event coordinator. You may feel that an event planner can handle all of your wedding planning requirements. We have decades of experience in the wedding industry and can tell you that this is not the case. It’s a little confusing at first, but here’s how it works.

The bride and groom do not hire a wedding planner. Instead, he works for the venue, where he is in charge of ensuring that the management’s event runs successfully. As a result, he is unlikely to pay heed to your demands.

We’ve come to find a solution to this problem. The crew at Weddings of Pittsburgh will work for you and will always prioritize your needs. We can assist you with every step of the wedding preparation process, and we’ll be present during your wedding ceremony to ensure that nothing is forgotten or ignored.

Let Us Make Your Wedding at TRYP by Wyndham Lawrenceville a Reality!

Weddings of Pittsburgh is the premier wedding planning company in the greater Pittsburgh area and throughout Western Pennsylvania. My team and I offer full-service planning – that means we handle it all from wedding cake to invitations. We can help you plan all your needs for a wedding at TRYP by Wyndham Lawrenceville.

Our team at Weddings of Pittsburgh has decades of experience working with couples to create their dream weddings. Whether it’s an intimate affair or a lavish celebration that will be talked about for years to come, we know how to make any event unforgettable! Trust us to take care of every detail so you don’t have to worry on your big day.

If you’re ready for some peace-of-mind when it comes time for one of the most important days in your life, contact us today! We would love nothing more than making sure your wedding at TRYP by Wyndham Lawrenceville turns out perfectly.

NOTE: In light of the pandemic and changing mandates, you can rest assured knowing that Weddings of Pittsburgh is POP (Pandemic Onsite Protocol) Certified and will enforce mandates if guests must wear masks or provide verification of vaccination status.

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