Victoria & Shane’s



How They Met

We’re supposed to tell our story and how we met well I don’t wanna talk about how we met but how our first date went. we met up at a park and ride and I had to drive cause he couldn’t, but I didn’t mind cause I don’t like when others drive he got in my car and we sat there for a while because he couldn’t decide on what we were doing so I finally gave in and said fine we’re going to eat I’m hungry hahaha…so we went to bob evens he got the chicken fingers and French fries of course and I got a chicken sandwich and we talk and ate, after we were done we got back in the car and sat for a while again cuz he again didn’t know what he wanted to do I thought it was cute. after a while I decided we should just go sit by the river and talk and we did till it was time to go back but he was nervous the whole time I asked him why and he said I gave him buck fever , you guys probably don’t what is well neither did I but he said he always told his friends that if a girl gave him buck fever he would make her his wife. My side of the story is I was nervous too, but I had to be the brave one and talk and if you know me I never do that but something about him made me feel comfortable and I loved that. we both knew from that night after we kissed goodbye it was love at first sight, now I know what your thinking sounds like out of a movie but hey when you meet that one person that makes you break from a shell or makes nervous like crazy there’s a reason why. So our story is we took a chance.


Our Engagement: We were in the car, all nervous and her eyes locked tight on me as I’m just looking around glancing at her from my peripheral vision and she was just being so darn cute. I couldn’t help the way I was already feeling about her and I knew that she’s the one. So with my buck fever still going on about her, which happens every time we are together, I asked her to marry me and she said yes. We got back to her house and she wanted a proper proposal so I got down on a knee and asked her again. She said yes.

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The Day Of


  • Date: August 24, 2019
  • Time: 3:30 pm
  • Location:

    Robin Hill Park
    949 Thorn Run Rd
    Coraopolis, PA 15108





Call (412) 329-1400 and mention the Kerr/Bartels wedding to receive a special rate.

$125.00 per night | Breakfast included | Choose between 1 King or 2 Doubles | 3 PM check-in | Noon check out