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How We Met

Despite being encouraged by friends to at least join online dating, Jenny was determined to meet someone the old-fashioned way. Then she turned 30 and all bets were off. After a few days of an open profile (on OKCupid for those still looking!), Jenny quickly learned her lesson and made her profile private.

She would have to do the hunting. She happened upon a particularly handsome profile of one “Fracit”, out of Canton, OH. The profile (referencing “fracking” for gas) jumped out as well, as Jenny worked in the oil and gas industry in Canton. A deeper dive revealed “Fracit” was from Statesboro, GA, had a degree in Physics and sounded like Josh Turner. The last fact piqued Jenny’s interest.

She sent him a message and anxiously awaited a response. After almost a week of crickets, a message appeared from Fracit! He explained how nice it was to receive my message, that he was moving back to Georgia and that his name was Michael. With his impending departure, Jenny didn’t think it would lead anywhere. Michael’s work schedule didn’t help much either. He was in Oklahoma City for 3 weeks at a time, then back in Ohio for 10 days.

Jenny Geilhard and Michael Artley WeddingDespite this, they began to message constantly; though a first date would have to wait. When the fateful day arrived, Jenny diligently got ready. Hair, makeup, cute outfit: the works. Shortly before heading out the door, she got cold feet. She texted Michael that she didn’t mean to waste his time, but she just didn’t think her nerves could handle it. Michael responded quickly. He sent a selfie of his half-shaved face and it was just silly and self-deprecating enough to calm Jenny’s nerves enough to meet.

Michael and Jenny met at Wasabi in Canton, OH on July 18th, 2016. Michael was even more handsome in person and his deep southern drawl made Jenny swoon. He was a complete gentleman. While opening the door for Jenny, he even made sure she had a friend on standby that would call with a crisis to get her out of there if need be. The next day, Michael flew back to Oklahoma City. They wouldn’t see each other for 3 more weeks. Upon arriving back in Ohio, Michael met Jenny’s pup Sadie. After melting Jenny’s heart by immediately sprawling out on the floor to play with her, Sadie asked if they could keep him.

Our Engagement Story

The day of the proposal began like any other day, which played into the element of surprise that day. After spending an evening with Michael’s parents at their house outside of Sylvania, GA, Ryan, Tasha, Jen, and Michael headed down to Savannah for what was supposed to be a day of sightseeing and walking around the beautiful historic parts of downtown Savannah.

The drive down was uneventful, boring even. Mostly two lane back roads through the swampy backwoods of southeastern Georgia. The weather was beautiful though, which was refreshing for the couple visiting from the typically overcast and monotonously cold state of Ohio. Michael remembers thinking how perfect the weather was for the occasion. He was heading to Wormsloe State Historic Site southeast of Savannah for the main stop of the day.

The picturesque gated entrance, the long 1.5 mile dirt road lined by over 400 live oak trees, the gently flowing tails of Spanish moss hanging from their swaying limbs… they were all reminders of Michael’s childhood where his grandparents lived just a few short miles away. As a kid, Michael and his brother, Alan, used to stay with their grandparents frequently and see down that long road each visit. It was another generational connection to this nationally relevant historical site, as their father, Jimmy, used to sneak into the park underneath a fence when he was a kid growing up there. Aside from the park’s natural beauty, the symbolism it held was perfect for the opportunity.

The site goes back to the very beginnings of the state of Georgia. The site was a gift to one of the original founders, Noble Jones, from the king of Great Britain. In hopes that he would hear a “yes,” later, Michael went here with the hopes that Jen would be his gift, and that Wormsloe Plantation would, yet again, be the beginning of another chapter. It was warm with a gentle breeze when they arrived at the park. The slight smell of salt and marsh danced on the breeze. Little did Jen know that Michael had coordinated with her brother what would happen that afternoon.

As Ryan and Tasha walked in tow behind Jen and Michael, they all headed up the majestic oak-lined dirt road. As they walked, Michael saw the perfect spot right in the middle of the road. A single ray of sunlight split the arching tree canopy and shone right on the ground in the middle of the road… which is where Michael began walking. As he stopped and went to one knee, Jen thought that Michael must be tying his shoe… but this is the spot where Michael pulled out a small box and let that one ray of light shine on the ring that sat inside the box. As Michael explained what she meant to him, her hands reached up to cover her face.

The shock had sat in, and that’s when Michael asked her the most important question of her life… “Will you marry me?”

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Holiday Inn Express & Suites Clarion, an IHG Hotel

The Foxburg Inn Hotel

Event Schedule

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Wedding Ceremony

  • July 24 2021

  • 2:00 pm

  • Kirkpatrick Farm Ln Limestone Township, PA 16351


  • July 24 2021

  • Immediately to follow the ceremony

  • Allegheny Grill 40 Main St Foxburg, PA 16036



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