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How We Met

So a guy and a girl walk into a bar and destiny did the rest with an open seat, a cold beer, and a baseball game at The Upper Deck in Freeport, PA. They arrived at different times and from different points in life. Kimberly wandered in due to her love of exploring new-to-her quaint downtowns. This wasn’t a typical free-spirited time though because she was regrouping at a nearby women’s shelter after some traumatic events. Todd was already familiar with the neighborhood and started up a conversation over the Pittsburgh Pirates, mutual familiarity with Michigan, the University of Michigan, and more common places.

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How We Got Engaged

Total surprise yet beyond predictable. As Covid had been lightening up a bit over 2 021, Todd and Kimberly decided to take a 10 day vacation to Santa Barbara and Monterey, CA. It started as a fun idea to cross paths with Kimberly’s best friend Lisa w ho was taking her 3 week vacation along the Pacific Ocean. Soon after the decision, it dawned on Kimberly… omg, ocean, sunset & best friend present… geesh it’s going to happen and will no longer be vacation because it’s going to be a proposal! She couldn’t help but wonder can’t we just relax and have a quiet peaceful time away from work? So for 4 months, Kimberly was convinced October was it and was aloof to everything happening around her.

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Gift Registry – TBD

We know it’s not traditional. It’s not the way it’s done. But instead of a wedding list. We’d like a bit of sun!

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Hotel Information

Event Schedule

Please arrive at the Ceremony 30 minutes ahead of time

Wedding Ceremony

  • October 8, 2022

  • 3 pm

  • Lauri Ann West Community Center


  • October 8, 2022

  • Immediately to follow the ceremony

  • Lauri Ann West Community Center