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Weddings of Pittsburgh has provided luxury experiences for the last 21 years to all of our delighted couples by bringing their dream-day vision to life and releasing their stress throughout the entire planning process.

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Tonya Edinger is a certified concierge planner and designer creating magic from your story and vision. With over 20 years of planning and design experience, Tonya and her team empower you by listening to your dream wedding vision and giving you hope that you can get what you want in a happy and fun way, all the while saving you time, money, and your mental health. Make one decision—hire Weddings of Pittsburgh—and all of your other decisions will be easy. You will be guided step by step through your planning and design process knowing you can trust that your dreams will be executed flawlessly while you enjoy your engagement stress-free, allowing you to be fully present for every spectacular moment!

Our clients love the experiences we provide them with so much that they come back for all their events because of how joyful we made them feel.

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“Tonya is a talented, outgoing woman that shines in the role of a wedding planner. I did not use her services, but as I watched her aid a wedding I was a bridesmaid in, I realized I should have! Reliable and responsible, tonya will keep you from getting wedding ptsd by removing stress from your special day.”



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Did you know it takes over 300 hours to plan a wedding on your own without a guide?  That is the equivalent of a part time job for an entire year!  Click here to learn more about that.  Consequently, when you hire a luxury planner they should be fully capable of completing those 300 hours in under 100 hours.  Isn’t it amazing what an expert can do?  Teamed with you, your mom, your mother-in-law, and your bridesmaids the sky is the limit!  For example, this one couple we had, began the planning process and started vetting a few vendors when everything started to unravel.  The couple had hired and paid a retainer to a DJ.  To clarify this was what they thought was a completely finished part of planning, but they were wrong.  He called to say he was now unavailable only one month later after this couple had spend hours vetting him and talking to his assistant.  At least they found out with enough time to hire a professional with insurance and references.  By now fear and worry began to paralyze their decision making, are we making good decisions or bad ones and how do we know, they thought to themselves?  Meanwhile one day while the groom was doing a Google search he saw a video about how Tonya made everything easy and was the solution to his problems.  Easy, solution to my problems, he thought to himself.  Above all else I love my bride-to-be and I want her to be happy no matter what so he pulled out his cell and made a call to discuss this easy solution to his problems concept further.  We discussed the couples needs and then he bought luxury services for his bride-to-be.  She was so overjoyed she began to cry and through the tears joyfully asked, when can we get started.  I asked her if she was ready right then and there which of course she was more than ready.  Most importantly I had two more peace filled clients knowing that I would make everything right, fun, and ever so easy.

Lastly, we were able to find a DJ that had insurance, references, and ended up rocking the venue all night long!

The life changing decision

By making one decision— to hire The Pittsburgh Wedding Planner and Your Luxury Concierge, Tonya Edinger at Weddings of Pittsburgh— all of your other decisions will be easy. With an expert you can trust to guide you through the planning journey, you can enjoy your engagement stress-free, allowing you to be fully present for every spectacular moment!  This is an experience you will remember forever.  What better way to experience it than luxuriously so it will be etched on your memory for a lifetime.

Tonya is connected to over 1700 top notch A-Game professionals that make your experience completely luxurious.  She uses that information to make matches made in heaven!  Vendor selections that match exactly what you are looking for in many category selections.