Are you looking for expert advice on wedding planning, but don’t have the time or money to invest in planning services? The HAYWORTH Package is the perfect solution for those looking to save time and money by speaking with a qualified expert in the wedding industry.

I am here to answer all questions and offer my advice for your big day in an hour long phone call (or as long as you need).

My expert wedding guidance for your wedding includes:

  • Design ideas
  • Technical questions
  • Renderings & mock ups
  • De-stress and talk about your wedding
  • Vendor Advice
  • These consultations are available in-person or through video call.

(If you are just looking for setup and tear down on the day of your wedding and reception, we offer a standalone $2500 setup and tear down package!)

Total Price: $250/hour of service (2 hour minimum)

Let’s start the conversation today! Call me at 724-968-7135 or contact me online to receive expert wedding advice from yours truly.