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Are you looking for a boutique wedding experience with The Best Wedding Planner in Pittsburgh? You are in the right place, we are all about creating fun, relaxing, stress free planning experiences all the way through your engagement journey customized just for you.

Are any of these running through your head right now?

  • Can you have a wedding right now?

  • Do you have to wear a mask?

  • How many people can you have at your wedding?

  • Your venue keeps changing their mind one minute you are getting married next they are offering you postponement options, AHHHHHH

  • How do you even vet a vendor?

  • What questions should you ask besides “how much?”

  • You want something fun, unique and with lots of FLAIR!

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Tonya Edinger is not your average wedding planner—in fact, nothing she does is average. She is passionate about giving spectacular concierge planning services throughout the entire process day that leave you without a care in the world. Accepting only 10 weddings per year, she is a firecracker, magic maker, personal advocate that creates your wedding reality and you can see it in her genuine smile and twinkling eyes.

As a sought after expert in the planning industry she combines her expertise and creativity to give you everything you ever dreamed of.

She is known for her white glove service, attention to details, creativity, and design work all over Pittsburgh and beyond!

She is also a speaker and industry influencer, speaking and sharing industry knowledge at Together Rising Tide Society, workshops, and speaking engagements. When she isn’t creating magic she is dating and having fun with the love of her life Sean, trying new drinks Pittsburgh’s pop up bars, and throwing balls back-and-forth to fetch for her sweet Amora.

Tonya Edinger, Luxury Concierge Wedding Planner

Hi! I am Tonya Edinger and I am ready to make magic for you!

I will use your personality, your vision, and my creativity to flip tradition by giving it a boost of flair. I am just the professional to make your wedding ideas a reality, providing you with first-class treatment from “yes” to “I do” and beyond.

Every single event I create I believe in challenging the status quo and giving you a luxury experience that immerses your senses and that you and your guests will never forget. Let the fun begin.

—Tonya Edinger

I am ready for you to make magic for me!


I want to discuss my magic and see what that looks like.

Many of you might be thinking, “Why do I need a wedding planner? I’m super organized. I don’t need help.”

Really? Are you overwhelmed right now, and you just recently got engaged? How will you know what vendors you need and which of those vendors can be trusted? Will the vendors you select take advantage of you because you’re doing only one wedding and they know they will not have to depend on you for repeat business? An expert wedding planner sends those vendors several weddings per year—so you can be sure she will not get taken advantage of. She will make sure you receive excellent top notch service because of the vendors she has shared with you to choose from!

Even if you’re willing to spend (It costs more to plan a wedding without a planner because a planner knows how to navigate quickly and put all the pieces together efficiently) the extra money and take the risk of being exploited by unknown vendors or friends who say they can handle such a ginormous undertaking on your very special day, what about when your once-in-a-lifetime day arrives? Will you be able to service those vendors, answer their questions, and make sure they perform every aspect of their contract, all while interacting with your guests, walking down the aisle, looking lovingly into your sweetheart’s eyes and making the most important covenant of your life? No one could be entirely present for all of those responsibilities simultaneously!

Many things can go wrong when you try to do your wedding yourself and I can tell you time and time again how many couples ended up spending more money doing it themselves in the long run. Leaving this day to chance is not what you want to do. Inexperience costs a lot, sometimes you cannot even put a price on it. Most people put a family member in charge, but, the happily accepting family member will realize at the end of the night when it takes them 2 hours to tear down how much they missed. Sometimes this can lead to family resentment and unnecessary feelings of being left out.

Imagine the ease of your engagement journey and wedding day when you hire The Pittsburgh Wedding Planner, Tonya Edinger.

Close your eyes. There you are just having conversations with Tonya, who is making the decisions you make happen easily. You are calm like a smooth ocean on a sunny day. Your shower happens and Tonya, your bridesmaids, you mother, and mother in law all by your side looking back it went off without a hitch. you laughed and joked with family and friends you haven’t seen. You got to focus on them 100%. Your gifts were taken to your car and completely loaded up by the team at Weddings of Pittsburgh. Your mind races to your bachelorette party and how much fun you had that night, your stomach hurt from all the laughter and pure joy you experienced. Fast forward to today, you stood there with your father able to take it all in and be completely present, hearing what he spoke to you and really remembering it because you had nowhere else to be, nothing to worry about because Tonya and her team have everything handled. She fluffed your dress and away you went looking at all your family and friends that came to support you and shower you with love. They were smiling at you and you at them and then it happened!

You locked eyes with the love of your life and you melted into euphoria, your body is slightly warm, butterflies gently dance around in your stomach. All is right with the world.

Wahooo! You are married and dancing happily up the aisle with your love and the guests are cheering you on it feels so good.

You quickly get all the pictures because Tonya and her team have that handled as well. You then get funny, goofy, beautiful pictures together and enter into your reception where you dance the night away.

Don’t you feel the peace, comfort, joy, calmness, and more? This is The Weddings of Pittsburgh way, we believe that luxury is an experience and that you deserve it!

“My girl, Tonya, my wedding planner…This is her site. She is awesome. Would RECOMMEND her to anyone I know planning, even if you think you don’t NEED one- she provides coordinating services for the day of the wedding (which is what I was most worried about) she knows the best vendors, gets discounts, can answer any questions, give advice, think of something you wouldn’t have thought of or just be there to LISTEN because your stressed.”

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I am an experienced professional and my team and I can handle any situation because of experience and continued education (over 20 year – I am also, a certified SPIN planner – Senior Planner Industry Network).  I know many vendors for you to choose from (over 1700) and can explain concepts like venue and uplighting that perhaps you have never heard of before. Working with your vendors and supervising all aspects of your special day is my specialty. I have successfully navigated this route time and time again, and I would love to do it for you, as well. All of those responsibilities and attention to detail handled my my team and I will allow you to focus on your wedding day only and nothing else!

Every bridal couple has a budget and, for most of us, that budget is much less than we would like. The value that you receive in return for your trust in my services will also include peace of mind and a stress free wedding day—and no one can put a price on that!

“I can’t even begin to describe how amazing Tonya was for my wedding! Honestly, anything that could go wrong did and Tonya took care of everything. She kept everything moving, on time and from me pulling my hair out!! She is incredible and I promise you will not be disappointed with her by your side!”