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2016 Sunsets and a Happy New Year

Hello All,

Tonya here, your favorite Pittsburgh Wedding Planner!  2015 is drawing to a close, much like a sunset on our year.

What does a sunset mean to you………..

Sunsets are romantic.

… are the beginning of the night.

… can be a prelude to a fun party.

… are a chance to be grateful, reflective, and thankful on what the day has produced.

As the sun sets today on New Year’s Eve, I clear my work, my desk, and my mind and begin to reflect on 2015 pondering all 20 of my lovely Cinderella couples and the uniqueness of their hearts poured into each wedding intertwined with my design work.

At every consult, every text, every phone call, and every email I could sense their passion and romance for this very special day and it was sparkling like the engagement ring.

The look in his eyes as he saw her for the first time at each wedding in the wedding dress.  The radiance flowing from her.  Wonderment dancing in his eyes and hope springing from his heart imagining their new life together.

The prelude to the reception, the first party you both throw together.  How much fun they had dancing the night away with Ultimate Entertaining spinning excitement on the dance floor.  Everything flowing smoothly under my careful direction.

It’s not how much you give its how much love that goes into giving.

I am so grateful for each one of you choosing to give me your business and trusting your enchanted day to me and my staff at Weddings of Pittsburgh.  It is an honor and a blessing.  I am truly thankful!

Enjoy your evening, be safe, and have a Happy New Year from the Pittsburgh Wedding Planner!

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Have an eventful night!

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