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Are you feeling a lack of control?  High anxiety? Now is the time to be selfish and take care of yourself. Think of the airplane scenario, when you board a plane the attendants explain the rules.  Put your mask on first so you can help others. How can you help anyone else if you are feeling helpless?

Talking about your wedding will give you a sense of control. You will be filled with feelings of joy, hope, and excitement. We are a nation of victors and, in Pittsburgh, we are a city of victors! Look to your squad for support and encouragement. 

In times like this I often think back to Dale Carnegie, whose books I frequently reread. In his golden book he asks “what’s the worst that can happen?” When I was in class, as well as teaching, I would always say “I could die”. You know what…I never have.

I have always been able to overcome anything, and this is no different.I have been helping my clients to stay strong, reschedule if need be, and most importantly, know that I am here for them. 

I am here today to let you know that if you are seeing this and want to talk, I am available. I want to help you keep your mental game strong.  Talking about your wedding will do that. Emotions are running high, communication can ease that pressure, as well as following these simple steps.


Step 1: Limit your tv and media intake

The doom and gloom ???? only makes everything seem worse than it is. The news media and social media is a disordered mix of information, half truths, and scare tactics. Do not be discouraged, believe that the best is yet to come! Remember, society weathered H1N1, swine flu, bird flu, zika, ebola, and countless other obstacles. We all thought we would never recover, but we did! Society questioned light at the end of the tunnel, but we found it! Stay strong!  Find a friend and find your happy place! 

Step 2: Get or imagine a worry box

Put your worries in a box and hide that box in a faraway place and focus on what you want for the future. I have adopted the mantra “If it isn’t joyful, I’m not doing it”. Have a glass of ???? or ???????? and relax.  Read a book you have been meaning to get to, work on that project you’ve been putting off, or even take up a new hobby you’ve been thinking of. Don’t fret over what you’ve stashed away in your worry box.  

Step 3: Spend time with friends and family

I just had a granddaughter, Nora, and I am soaking up every second of undivided attention I can. I am spending time with Trevor, my 17-year-old, because he is stuck with me right now. When this is all over I probably won’t be cool anymore even though I am a pretty awesome magical unicorn mom ????????????. Play a game with your family or honey. Be kind to everyone around you, it will make you feel better. Snuggle and snarf your partner and focus on each other. If you can withstand quarantine, married life is going to be a breeze!

Step 4: Keep your mental game strong 

With all the depressing rain, negativity, and uncertainty it can be easy to spiral. Keep your body and mind healthy.  Look through your pictures of anything that makes you happy, look for funny memes, watch funny movies, joke around and try to see if you can laugh 5 times a day for fun.   ???? Smile, it is contagious! Tough times never last, but tough people do!  

All this to say I am here for you. If you want to talk about your wedding or event, I want to listen.  It makes me happy and it will make you happy too! I promise. We can all lean on each other, spread love and joy, and be helpers like Mr. Rogers told us to.

My personal cell is 724-968-7135


I welcome your call/text/email and look forward to meeting a new friend.

Let’s make magic! ????

???? Tonya Edinger 

The Pittsburgh Wedding Planner and The Luxury Event Concierge


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