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Bridal Show in Pittsburgh

Bridal and Prom Show

4 Steps to Achieve Success at your Next Bridal Show

Why You Should Go to Bridal Shows

As a wedding planner, I attend several bridal shows per year, as many as I can actually.  Yes, I get clients from these events, that’s partly why I attend, as I interview each bride to be sure we are a good fit.  It is important that each of my clients have my full, undivided attention.  If I accepted to many weddings, it would be more of a juggling act and that is not me nor my brand.  I am a Wedding Concierge I live to serve!

My clients deserve more than a circus, unless that’s the theme they chose for their wedding day!

I attend bridal shows to educate brides-to-be about what I do and why I do it and most importantly how I can save them TIME.  I want your big day to be a BIG success, whether I plan it or not.  There’s countless things I’ve learned throughout my wedding planning career and if I can share even the smallest amount of my knowledge with you in a five or ten-minute conversation, I will consider that a success.

Courtney’s Story

When Tonya asked me why I attended a bridal show, I answered: It’s just what you are supposed to do.

I went in hopes of finding my caterer, DJ, and everything else, too.  I wanted to find the perfect vendors for my wedding, not just any vendors, but dynamic vendors that would give our wedding pizzazz!

It was a crazy day, still I went home at the end of the night feeling relieved.  I met with several caterers and after talking with them, I knew which one was right for me.  One of them was incredibly rude.  You can bet where that business card ended up.

I even found a vendor with a photo booth.  It wasn’t something I planned on finding, but, it was the perfect addition for my wedding day.  Over two months later, several relatives and friends keep bringing it up and telling me what a great idea it was!  My cousin is getting married in approximately a year, and she plans to use the same vendor.

Tonya Edinger with Weddings of Pittsburgh

This bridal show is also where I met Tonya.  She was such a delight!  She seemed genuinely happy to talk with me and answer all my questions.  I was lucky enough to be one of her specially chosen brides for 2016!  I’m Courtney, and that’s my story.

How to make the most of a bridal show

Like Courtney, you can make the most of the bridal shows you choose to attend!

  1. Bring a Bag: not a giant tote that you’ll have to lug through quite crowded spaces, but a nice-size purse.

  2. Ask Questions: Anything and everything.  Come prepared with questions you know you want to ask, but also feel free to add to your list of questions as you learn more throughout the show.  (Check out previous blogs where I offer a list of questions for vendors.)

  3. Take notes: Bring a notepad and pen because you will be talking to so many vendors and it will be nearly impossible to remember who said what without using your note taking skills.

  4. Stay organized: On that note… stay organized.  It can be easy to drop all the brochures, business cards, and other publications into your nice-sized bag.  You’ll worry about it later, right? No.  Wrong.  It will be difficult to remember which caterer was rude, which was creepy, and which was friendly and answered all your questions with a smile.  If nothing else, keep the vendors you like in a separate section of your purse.

  5. BONUS! Bring a helper: It never hurts to have a second opinion.  But bring someone who will be helpful and supportive.  Your wingwoman!

Email me today at and ask “where is your next show?” so you can achieve Bridal Show Success!

Happily ever after starts with a Weddings of Pittsburgh expert!

Your favorite wedding and event planner,


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