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Before we get started learning about making 5 costly mistakes, if you needed laser eye surgery would you do it yourself or would you let a friend or family member do it or would you hire an expert?  Ponder that as you learn new things!


Friends and Family or Expert
  1. Not hiring a wedding planner and trusting the advice of friends and family.  Friends and family do not have the experience a professional has (this costs you hundreds – thousands of dollars) they just want to help you on a super FUN occasion, but they do not usually know what they are doing.  I can’t tell you how many brides come to me and say “my mom told me to book my venue so I did, here’s where we are getting married (insert venue with an excited voice)”  can you get me a deal, they won’t negotiate with me.  You are RIGHT!!  They won’t, you threw away your power when you booked them.  I can not stress enough to you, vendors will ONLY see you ONCE, they see me at least 20 times a year, who is working with them? who do they trust? who knows they want to do the best job ever because they want another job?  If you answered the wedding planner, you win a cookie!!  Friends and family just do not have the connections, resources, or THE PLAN that a seasoned wedding planner has.
  2. Lack of communication.  Mother of bride ordered burlap by the bolt, oh whoops she didn’t talk to mother of the groom, she thought she was handling that, guess who is in the middle?  Because now everyone is paying for the same thing repeatedly.  (costing money)  Guess who is crying now? If you answered bride, you get another cookie!  Wait until you need a guest list, even though this should be the first thing you do before booking any venue, but, you have friends and family.  And when you pay for 20 extra meals you didn’t even need, you will feel sick, think of all the money you could have spent elsewhere if you just had a PLAN.
  3. Procrastination.  Thinking that things are done when they are really not, or not even doing them because you are overwhelmed.  Deadlines not met mean extra money flying out of your pocket, like a winged monkey.  You weren’t on a budget were you?  Did you even do a budget?  Did you edit that budget and adjust continually throughout the months prior to your wedding/event?  (This is what I do, keeping your ship from wreckage like the Titanic, steering you away from potential icebergs)  What is a budget?  Oh, that is the second thing you do after the guest list, again before booking a venue, or listening to friends and family.
  4. Not knowing what needs done.  You, friends, and family have all downloaded lists from the internet, now you know exactly what to do step by step because after all that’s where you met your French fiancee´ right?

5. Unrealistic Expectations.  Friends and family tell you they want to help, they will light the candles, they will deliver the centerpieces, they will make your cake, they will take your pictures, they will be your DJ, and here is what that looks like, you are at the hair salon on wedding morning getting your curl on, when you cell BLOWS UP, with calls from all these well meaning friends and family.  Oh I was up late last night, I made you the best sheet cake ever, I know you wanted that vanilla almond torte that I told you I could make, but all I had in my cupboard was a chocolate with chocolate icing, I made it real pretty, you will just love it.  Next your cousin who was going to be your DJ has the flu, but don’t worry he will send his college roommate who know nothing of what’s going on but it’s cool, right?   Then you get a text from your aunt who is doing the photography, so sorry, overslept, be there in a jiffy, just have to pick up a roll of film, see you soon :)  At this point there is no way mascara can even be put on your face and you’re drinking your mimosa without any orange juice.  How did this chaos happen?  Are the centerpieces even there?  Are the candles lit?  Did the bartenders show up?  I guess I will find out when I get there?

DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW COSTLY THESE MISTAKES ARE?  $1000’s of dollars, remember that budget I spoke of, do you respect that or do you not care?  I care!  Look at my testimonial page, see what others say about me.  I make a PLAN and we follow it.

Is that how you want one of the most memorable days of your life to turn out?  You have help from friends and family right?

Should you decide it might be nice to get your friends and family on the same page and be a real true help, let’s work together, I would LOVE to organize that for you and make sure you get exactly what we discuss for your special day.  So save yourself lots of money and let Happily Ever After Start With An Expert contact me now!

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