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Jack's Tuxedo Wexford, Pa

Jack’s Tuxedo Wexford, Pa

5 Powerful Wedding Dates to Ensure a Successful Marriage

I always suggest to my clients that they make all their decisions together, as a couple, as a team.  A bride does not marry herself.  She marries her best friend, secret keeper/confidant, partner in crime, lover, everything, her whole world.  Why would you go on this journey alone?  It only causes frustration, undue stress, and disappointment.  I challenge you to include your groom more starting today and here’s how!

Value his input and respect your groom.  Per Webster’s Dictionary it states that respect is a deep admiration.  Isn’t that how you felt when you first met?  Close your eyes let that feeling wash over you like a waterfall, remember every single little detail about him.  Come on what is it?  Say it out loud!  His smile? Eyes? Shoes?

Have you chosen a venue?  Take him with you to venue shop and make it a date.  Visit a few locations back to back, then go have drinks and appetizers to compare notes.  He will see things differently than you and possible show you something you have overlooked.  Two eyes are better than one, you are about to become two as one forever, start now, you do not have to wait until the wedding day!!  I promise!

The venue tasting is another of my favorite ways to include your groom.  What is more FUN than dinner out.  Choose unique foods, feed each other.  This is a very intimate act and can draw you both in.  Dining out can be a great escape from reality, children, work, school, etc.  How active is your imagination now that you are an adult?  Has it been squashed by reality?  Go out to eat, just the two of you and get reacquainted.  Talk about the first time you each knew you were in love, Christmas time or whatever makes you both happy.  Keep the topics light and joyous.  Feeding each other can be very seductive.

Musical selection is a lot of FUN to include your groom in!  You can pull up YouTube and listen all the different songs, dancing and enjoying libations, in your own home in comfy clothes!  If your groom doesn’t dance this is one date you may want to implement a few times.  Practicing in front of just you, acting silly, performing your own karaoke in a judgement free zone will build confidence in both of you when you are the center of attention for 5 hours on one very special day!!

I believe in always dressing for success and that ultimately builds confidence in you both.   Take time and carefully choose what to wear.  Go through your clothes together and throw away items that are not complimentary, don’t fit properly, don’t make you feel good, or are damaged in anyway.  You will feel better knowing your other half loves that outfit on you.  It will make you happy to wear it.  You will have the Midas touch when you have a great wardrobe!!  Don’t forget to accessorize too, I personally go for shoes.  As you all know I am in LOVE with my stiletto collection!  Sean even buys them for me now and I LOVE his selections!  He knows how happy it makes me to get a gift of stilettos and when your groom see’s what makes you happy, he will want to do it/get it for you!  HE LOVES YOU!  And a great way for you to reciprocate that and show him you love him is to respect him, his ideas and thoughts, and to include him.

Tux Shopping with the Groom

Wedding Concierge Tux Shopping with Groom Gary and Tailor Rich

Choosing his tux, make sure you choose a place that has a tailor, show the tailor your dress and ask for his EXPERT opinion, he will gladly share and guide your groom to that perfect style!  Let the tailor take your groom and show him what’s next, while you take a seat and enjoy the fashion show.  Work as a team to accessorize with cuff links, suspenders, or a pocket square.  Weddings of Pittsburgh offers a glimpse into what a tux fitting appointment looks like on fb where we were on location at Jack’s Tuxedo in Wexford with tailor Rich Sheffey!  His personal attention to detail made groom Gary look very stylish and trendy!  Look for another blog coming soon featuring this amazing couture stylist!

Groom Gary choosing Wedding Attire

Date often.  Keep it light and happy.  Join forces, let nothing come against you.  Marriage is work and circumstances will come at you like waves in the ocean, but when you are both holding hands jumping them together, you can make it so much easier!

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