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Christmas is right around the corner, but this past weekend, I planned a magical holiday themed wedding for an even more magical couple, Kim and Gary. Sparks fly when they look into each other’s eyes. If I wasn’t already in the holiday spirit, that wedding definitely did it for me.
Kim came to me earlier this year with visions of sugar plums dancing in her head, and in less than a year, we brought her Christmas-themed wedding to life. 

What made it work? Collaboration, communication and more.

  1. Collaboration.

Teamwork is essential in any relationship. Where would you and your significant other be without teamwork?
As your wedding planner, I am a team player. When we work together, we can make even the toughest of tasks seem simple. Kim and I worked together to accomplish both the little things and the big things in the planning process, so when the big day arrived, we were ready.

  1. Communication.

I can’t bring a dream to life if I don’t know what that dream is. Kim and I made the most of every meeting and phone call. If there was something she wanted, she told me, and I made it happen.
Kim knew exactly what she wanted her invitations to look like, but couldn’t find any options close to what she imagined. When she communicated this to me, I had specially designed invitations made.
Throughout the planning process, Kim texted me whenever she came up with ideas or had questions. She always kept me updated with her latest thoughts or concerns.
I can’t stress enough the importance of communication.

  1. A Detail-Oriented Mindset.

It’s the little things that really bring a theme to life.
It takes creativity, hard work, and time to plan a themed wedding like Kim’s red and gold winter wonderland. The reception featured a DIY cookie table with holiday themed options: cupcakes with red and green icing and cookies covered in red and green sprinkles.
But it didn’t stop there.  We took the time to notice and perfect the smallest of details, such as the small sparkly snowflakes that were included in her bouquet.

  1. Positive attitude.

Kim has been a wedding planner’s dream bride. She simply radiates positivity.
A positive attitude goes a long way in life, but it goes especially far when planning a wedding. Kim didn’t stress about challenges in the process. Instead she handed her worries to me, eliminating her stress.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Make this holiday one to remember.

Your favorite wedding and event planner,

Tonya Edinger

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