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Lost Wedding Rings

As a bride-to-be, you want your once-in-a-lifetime day to go perfectly or as perfect as you can plan it.
Unfortunately, snafus do happen.
Imagine, as your Maid-of-Honor is cleaning the bridal suite, she tosses away the garbage. And with the garbage, she tosses your brand new, haven’t been worn, yet, wedding rings—yours and your soon-to-be husband’s bands.
Could you imagine having to climb into the dumpster in your wedding gown, before anyone sees you walk down the aisle, to get them? It isn’t a pretty picture, is it?
Fortunately, for this bride, I came to her rescue. I climbed in the dumpster and I found both wedding rings!
When it comes to weddings, snafus happen. I’ll be sharing more snafus in future messages, and how I was able to overcome them, often without the bride ever finding out.  This comes from experience!  Take a moment to think, who would jump into a dumpster for you? Or who will come to your rescue?
Here are three crucial questions to consider when it comes to your wedding day.

1.What is your biggest challenge or frustration you’re facing while planning your once-in-a-lifetime day?
2. How would you describe the wedding day you envision?
3. What fears do you have about wedding planning and your wedding day?

Before I go, I wanted to let you know I’m offering a free 30-minute brainstorming session. Contact me today  and avoid wedding day disasters.
(Brides love these brainstorming sessions to ask their questions and get personalized answers.)

Here’s to Happily Ever After!
Your Wedding Day Expert,

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