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Are you ready?


Do you have what it takes to be in the Bridal Wars?

Bridal Wars is here!!

November 1st from 11am – 2pm at COOL SPRINGS 1530 Hamilton Rd. Bethel Park, PA 1523

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Hey everyone meet Stacy Jubert of Bridal Wars a Bridal Show with a FUN twist, kinda like survivor and if you don’t get kicked off the island so to speak you win a CA$H prize!!  See their latest video here! Rules are at the bottom of the page.

Stacy how long have you been in the wedding industry? 8 years

What got you started with this line of work?  Working full time, had a baby boy, worked on a wedding website that turned into her own business!!

What is you favorite thing about Bridal Wars?  It’s unique and the energy is supercharged and of course we all have so much FUN!

What is your favorite CHALLENGE you’ve ever seen or created?  Bubble Soccer Blast, you just have to be there for this one!!

SECRET ADVICE SHHHHH!  –  What are some key tips and advice to the Teams?

  • Number 1 it’s all about FUN, grab friends, get creative with your attire (see below)
  • Number 2 get your game on girls
  • Number 3 bring your guys, parents, friends and families, this is for everyone to cheer you on!

What are people saying about Bridal Wars?

“The Coolest Bridal Competition Ever”- The Knot

” Battle of the Brides” – In Pursuit of Simple

“Wars in Albany”- Time Warner Cable


How does it work?

Teams are made up of 3 girls, you create a team name and team attire. Prizes are given out to the best team name and best team attire, and I’m telling you we have seen some great ones! Check out our Pinterest Page for some previous team attire and challenges hosted!

What prizes can teams win?

$1,000 CASH PRIZE! That’s right, we are giving out $1,000 to a winning team at each Bridal Wars Event!

BONUS Prizes are also given our for Best Team Name, Best Team Attire and to various teams during the event for all sorts of things! (we like giving out gifts)

Team Gifts!

Each Bridal Wars Participant will get a Hot Pink BW veil and custom BW Headband.. because we all need to wipe some sweat away from our veils!


-What if I’m not engaged?

Bridal Wars is a blast – so we have opened this event up to ANY 3 ladies who want to form a team and join us on the field! Family, Friends,  Former Brides, Current Brides, Can’t Wait to be a Bride one day.. you are all welcome to join us! This event is a fun celebration- its a blast!

-What do we have to do?

Challenge Stations fill our event floor! You have 3 hours to complete whatever challenges you would like to do! The challenges are all different and you can do as many as you would like! Wanna workout?! – Great! You can do some of the fitness challenges hosted by local gym and fitness studios. Workouts not your thing?- No Worries, we have plenty of other fun challenges from trivia, hair and make up, music and so many more!

-Is there an Age Requirement?

We don’t really have an age requirement, but we feel this event is best suited for ladies ages 16+ (Jr. bridesmaids are welcome)  We have had Mom’s and Grandmothers join Bridal Wars teams! All are welcome and will have a blast!

Are you ready? Sign up now!

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