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There are many wedding planners throughout the area. What sets them apart? Concierge Service.

I LOVE what I do – Passion

I have experience – Not only am I certified, anyone can do that but I have 18 years of experiences doing weddings by myself and with a team!

I am on your side – I have experience with mediation and negotiations.

Best of all I have a process – a step by step, proven plan for us to work together ensuring you get everything you want!

Let me tell you about Rhianna. At our initial consult, we went over everything and were laughing and joking when all the sudden she became very serious. She leaned into me and looked me right in the eyes and said Tonya can I tell you something? I said “sure, communication is key, you can tell me anything, I am your confidant.” “My mom is going to take over my wedding and I want unique, not traditional.” To which I replied, “you shall have unique.”

In my policies and procedures paper, we talk more about confidentiality. You may share anything you want as my client, tell everyone I am your Concierge Wedding Planner or keep it a secret, that is your choice. You have my word that everything we discuss will be confidential. My reputation is very important to me. You do not get to be in business very long without it.

I love my job and whenever I travel I research venues in the area and then go visit them, occasionally someone will be getting married and I offer to help, they love it and it is so very rewarding!! We just got back from our 25th honeymoon to Alaska and Canada.

Yes, you read that correctly. I have had 25 honeymoons and countless date nights. Date nights are what rekindles your relationship, they transport you away from reality and into a private world of only the two of you! More about date nights in my next blog!

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