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Weddings of Pittsburgh Clipboard Bride

Don’t be a clipboard bride on your big day.

This week I wanted to share a story about a very smart, talented, ORGANIZED young woman.  I’ve known her for about two years, so I know that she is capable of planning her own wedding.  She would be able to call and negotiate with vendors on her own, and keep track of what needed to happen at what point in the planning process.

Yet, the week after her boyfriend got down on one knee and popped the question, she came to me, asking about planning services.  In fact, she just signed a contract for full-planning services.  I’m so happy that she will be able to enjoy every moment of her big day without the stress of the planning process!

Tara’s Story

I’m the kind of person who would plan my own wedding.

I am outgoing and creative, while also being calm, patient, and organized.  I know how to manage my money carefully to stay within a budget, and I am not afraid to ask tough questions—whether it be over the phone or face-to-face.

I plan EVERYTHING in my life, so it would make perfect sense for me to plan my own wedding.  I planned my own graduation party.  I planned every vacation my family took since I turned 13-years-old.  I even planned to graduate a 4-year college in 2 ½ years, a plan first devised as a high school junior.  Actually, I have even considered being an event planner!

But, when my boyfriend became my fiancé, I knew this wasn’t the time to fulfill my long-lost dream of being an event planner.  On my wedding day, I don’t want to worry about whether or not the florist or the caterer will show up on time.  I don’t want to run to Walmart in my wedding gown because I needed Motrin for my headache.

Instead, I want to know that someone else, someone who knows what she is doing and has already dealt with such issues, will be worrying about this for me.  I will be able to enjoy my day STRESS-FREE!

I was a little worried about staying within my budget before talking to Tonya, but after just one conversation, I was feeling relieved.  She told me about the vendors she works with and how she can get special deals because of the relationships she has built during her career.  Since then, she has already helped me cut costs… without cutting corners.  Hiring her has already saved me money! With the money Tonya is helping me save, I will basically cover the cost of her services.

And I LOVE the vendors she works with.  There isn’t one vendor that I’ve met who isn’t willing to answer all my questions, and they all are willing to provide exactly what I need!  I don’t have to find my own vendors and hope they will be reliable.  Tonya only works with the most reliable people.

I have AWESOME time management skills.  At one point in my life, I was balancing two part-time jobs and four online classes, while maintaining strong relationships with my friends and family.  AND I didn’t feel overwhelmed.  Actually, I think I was pretty successful.  Even now at a “less busy” point in my life, I wouldn’t add wedding planner to my list of part-time jobs.  Wedding planners exist for a reason!  They are experts at this, and I’ve found that Tonya has even better time management skills than I do.

So…. yes, I could plan my own wedding, but WON’T.  I want to enjoy my wedding day, not plan it.


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