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Disaster on your Wedding Day can mean Disaster on your Honeymoon…

Hi, Tonya Edinger of Weddings of Pittsburgh here to share another story that I hope you will learn from. Jacob* and Sarah* first met with me over a year ago. (*Names have been changed to protect Jacob and Sarah) I could tell they needed my help, but Jacob decided to go a different way. I could almost predict what was going to happen based on the interview we had and their answers to some of my questions but that was the choice they made.

To me, the result was not all that surprising, and I’m very happy that Jacob agreed to share his story with all of my readers.

Jacob’s Story

So there I was sitting on the beach in gorgeous, hot, and sunny Jamaica with my new wife on FIRE!
She was FURIOUS! And all because of the wedding drama.

This all could have been avoided… if I’d just said “Yes” to the wedding planner. Guys, if I can save you from this disaster, hear me now. DO IT! Hire the wedding planner. Make sure she is a good one that can handle family drama, intoxication, and a few bouts of anxiety, which would have possibly been avoided if we’d had a planner. We interviewed with Tonya Edinger, but I decided to spend the money on an ice sculpture instead.

Now the wedding was over, the ice sculpture was melted, and my wife was fuming. I wish I was exaggerating when I said that we didn’t speak for the first two days of our honeymoon.

There are only a few things a guy in my position can do:

  1. Never speak of this. (Never have. Never will.)
  2. Buy her tons of flowers and jewelry. (That’s how I finally convinced her to speak to me again.)
  3. Warn any other man who may ever be put in this position to ALWAYS choose the wedding planner over ANYTHING else.

When we got back from our not-so-sweet honeymoon, I checked my email and saw Tonya’s last message… unopened in my inbox. I read it. She wished us the “best of luck with everything”. We had interviewed her almost a year ago about full wedding planning. As the day drew closer and my fiancée grew more stressed, I emailed Tonya asking what she could offer to pull this hot mess together.

More advice for you: A wedding planner is probably going to be busy when you email her a week before the wedding. Of course, she had another wedding. I shouldn’t have been so surprised.

But I saw that email and knew I had to tell her my story. She asked if I could write something for her blog, so here it is.

I thought an ice sculpture would be cool, and IT WAS. But it wasn’t worth it. I thought that my fiancée and I would be able to plan the wedding ourselves; it’d be a great bonding experience, and of course we would save money. But did it really save us anything in the long run? We were stressed from the beginning. Everyone had advice for us, but most of it was wrong. I lost countless hours at work from calling our vendors, who rarely returned calls. The bonding experience did not meet my expectation level and almost tore us apart. I’m lucky the ceremony was the first part of the wedding celebration, because I don’t think she would have said “I do” by the end of the night.

To all the guys out there, if I can give you any wedding advice at all, I say, “Pick the wedding planner… always pick the planner, especially Tonya.” Even though we went the Do-It-Yourself route, I would reach out to Tonya and ask a question here and there, and she was extremely knowledgeable and directed us in the right path. She knew about all the latest trends and even set us up with a honeymoon registry.

This all could have been avoided if I just said “Yes” to the wedding planner. Guys, if I can save you from this disaster, hear me now: do it! Hire the wedding planner!


Don’t let this happen to you

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Things happen, sometimes things are forgotten (for which I always have a ready bag). Occasionally after a few drinks some guests become difficult; I have years of experience handling those situations quickly and discretely so no one even notices anything happened.

Don’t be like Jacob – Hire the Wedding Planner!

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