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Don’t Let A Little Mishap Ruin Your Day!

Close your eyes, can you imagine how you would feel if your wedding dress got dirty? Wet? Torn? Would it be the end of the world?

One of my brides got married outside in the warmth of a sun-glistened June day last year at her parents’ lovely home with an amazing landscaping! Beautiful trees, one with a swing and one with a heart carved in it from when her parents first bought the home. Awe, right? With perfectly trimmed grass, round hedges, and sweet fragrant smelling flowers everywhere, the stage was set. They even had a koi pond with decorative rocks surrounding it for the ceremony location. Her mom was an amazing gardener. On the other hand, I am a plant killer… Was I supposed to water those? OOPS, I forgot. Yikes!

And then the ceremony began. The sweet little flower girl walked down the aisle with real red roses from the garden, next came the bridesmaids, and then the moment we had all been anticipating… here comes the bride, all dressed in white with lace, intricate bead-work, and stunning pearls! Jaws dropped at her beauty, her black hair stood out against the white of the dress with little ringlets gently framing her face.

The vows were being said, and it was now time for the rings. The best man was nervous, tripped over the decorative rocks, and pushed the bride into the koi pond. Horrified guests looked on, and the groom frantically tried to get his almost-bride out of the pond, but she looked directly at me, and I smiled. She regained her composure, got out of the pond, and slipped that ring right on her finger, she had the biggest grin on.

Brides, you set the tone.

You see, if you rewind through the past year that we had been working together, you’d see that I told her that wedding mishaps, glitches if you will, happen on your wedding day and in life, but it is your choice how you handle them.

Everyone ended up having a FUN time and raved about what a good time they had. It went on until midnight. As people left, they told the bride they really felt love and happiness and that her and her husband’s first party as a newly married couple was amazing!

What do you choose?

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Here’s to Happily Ever After!
Your Wedding Day Expert,
Tonya Edinger

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