Do you have time to plan your own wedding?

No time to relax while being engaged? 

The average wedding takes 300 hours to plan. 300!!!  There is dress shopping with family and friends, cookie making and delegating, choosing bridesmaid dresses, what color?  What do they like?  What does my mom want?  What does his mom want?  I love all that, but I bet your head is spinning, and somehow the engagement journey seems so daunting now and where is the time going?  So much for being engaged.


Wedding Dress Shopping

What if this were the picture you had instead?  Scheduled dress appointments with limited people coming where you can spin around in that stunning dress that makes you radiate, enjoying some champagne and feeling completely relaxed, try on some sparkling jeweled tiaras or diamond dripping necklaces, maybe you would like to don a pair of stilettos or kitten heels?  

If your wedding is 6 months away, that’s 50 hours per month… 12.5 hours per week. If your wedding is 5 months away, that’s 60 hours per month… 15 hours per week. 4 months? 150 hours per month… 37.5 hours per week.

Planning a wedding quickly eats away your time. It will become AT LEAST a part-time job.  Why can’t I just enjoy being engaged?

Maybe you’re thinking: “I’ve got a year to plan.”

Ultimately, the bulk of the work will need to be done in the last month or so.  That is when the anxiety sets in, hives, headaches, you can’t eat or you eat everything in sight, you lay awake every night with the numerous lists of things that need to be done.  Where is the limitless pill when you need it?

Can a planner help me or will it just cost me more money?

With full-planning services, you can focus on your career, your family… the love of your life… without the stress of planning a wedding. Anyone who has ever worked two jobs knows how exhausting it becomes. While you are motivated in the beginning, you feel drained more and more as time goes on.

I am sure you have been on hold with the cable company or your phone provider, it is an hour long endeavor, a planner can handle this effortlessly and can usually text for the answer, but, because you don’t know who the right person is to talk to, you get sent around the cubicle sea, and wait.

And, of course, you can add as much input as you’d like. If you want to leave it in my hands, that’s fine. After meeting with you once or twice, I am confident that I can create a wedding that you’ll love. But, if you want a more hands-on approach, I welcome it with open arms. I love to hear your input and will do everything to put your ideas into action.

Wedding planning takes time.

It’s a passion for me, (watch any of my videos, I effervesce planning) but it requires time, even as an experienced planner.


I love being with you

Let me provide you with the precious gift of time… time you can spend with your fiancee staring into their eyes lovingly, holding their beautiful hand, kissing their lips, listening to their voice float through the air to your ears singing the sweet sound of bliss to you about anything and everything.  

Wedding planning can be fun with an advocate by your side so that you can relax and be present for your engagement journey.

You will love being engaged, when you hire Weddings of Pittsburgh!

Your favorite wedding and event planner,


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