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Destinations By Jimmy

VIP Preferred Vendor Travel Agent

Today I’m excited to share with you my personal VIP Preferred Vendor Travel Agent. I offer my brides only the best, because only the best will do when you are working with an expert wedding planner! As a preferred client of Weddings of Pittsburgh, you can be sure Jimmy will provide you with the VIP treatment, customer service and attention to detail that you deserve!

Everyone: meet Jimmy, from Destinations by Jimmy! Jimmy has been in business for 11 years now and shares his office with his partners, Sabrina and Tessa. 

I’ve asked Jimmy to offer information about the latest trend—the Honeymoon Registry—and how to do it right!

Honeymoon Registry

Technology is a great means of getting things done, but only if used properly!

GoFundMe is a wonderful tool for helping friends in need, families in trouble and other such circumstances, but it is not an option for funding your honeymoon. All too often we look for the easy way to get what we are want, and all too often that approach ends in disaster.

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Your most valuable resource is a qualified wedding planner (especially one that is seasoned, like Tonya) who has a great travel agent (like me). We can provide the details you need as you consider how to fund your honeymoon in a respectful yet effective way, so that it is both FUN and EXCITING for you—and can be just what your guests are looking for in choosing a fitting gift for you both!

Normally, when a newly-engaged couple come to me to plan a destination wedding or honeymoon, I ask these three questions:

  • Are you living together, and if “yes”, for how long?
  • Is your household already established?
  • What is your budget?

Lots of people today live together before getting married. That’s just a reality of our society. Normally, after living together for several years, your household is established and you are not in need of an Ethiopian serving bowl or a fine Italian espresso machine.

Family and friends will be looking to give you and your partner an appropriate gift—something special that has significance to them and to you. And what could be a better gift than a lifetime of memories?

Introducing to you…the new “HONEYMOON REGISTRY”.

The Honeymoon Registry is one way of financing your honeymoon vision. It offers a suitable way to communicate to your guests what your dreams of the perfect honeymoon are. By creating a registry, guests will be able to “gift” you an excursion, horseback riding, elegant beach dinner or a massage—or even help by contributing to the total cost of the trip itself.

A very real possibility, in many cases, is that you will not be able to take a trip like this again until your kids are grown. So go ahead and spoil yourselves; you’re both worth it, right?

Call Tonya now to schedule an appointment and learn how you can use this amazing tool! 724-968-7135

Thank you, Jimmy!

Have an eventful day!
Your favorite wedding and event planner,

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