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Wedding guests come first!  Trending in 2016 is the wedding guest experience.  You will want to ensure that each guest you invite feels special and is included in your wedding.

Start out by creating your guest list of everyone you can think of that you want at your wedding.

Then pare that list down.  How do I do that?  I don’t want anyone to be offended.

Ask questions.  Have you talked to them in the past year? Are they related?  Are they fun and upbeat? Do you work with them?  Did you go to school with them?  Do you spend time together?

You want to choose a venue with ample space for your guests.  A wedding planner can make a diagram to scale so you can see what the room set up will look like ahead of time, with tables, chairs, the bar, the band or DJ, dance floor, cake table, head table, and gift table.

How will you entertain your guests?  A band?  A DJ? Photobooth? Karaoke? Ice Cream/Gelato Bar?  Night Snack Bar?

You set the tone for your wedding through social cues.  A social cue is when a crowd of people are together and they don’t know what to do so they look to the host for direction.  A wedding planner comes in great at this point because they are your liaison, greeting guests as they arrive for that over the top warm fuzzy feeling as they arrive!  Once you are at the reception, your guests look to you, what should we do next?

Remember your guests are there to visit with you and your fiancee, make sure that your guests come first.

Have fun and relax, enjoy your special day together, it will go so fast.

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