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How can you honor loved ones that have passed away on your special day? Here are three ways to show that they are close by in spirit on the day when it matters the most.


Have you ever lost a loved one?

I recently lost my mom. This is a pain I have never known. I find myself hugging my kids a little tighter and thinking about how we take so many things for granted.

My mom instilled an amazing work ethic in me as well as compassion for others. Growing up, I remember when she needed help, she had all of us kids ready to help her out. I have done the same with my kids.

I remember when I was a kid and would get sick. My mom did not tolerate slacking. If you didn’t feel well, she insisted that you got up and move around or take a pill. On the other hand, my dad insisted on quick 5-timeouts. It really is amazing how just five minutes can refresh someone! Today I follow a mixture of their advice. I’ve taken Advil before an event to push through with migraine pain. It all depends of the situation at hand.

I got my planning intuition from her, too. My mother planned my wedding 29 years ago and it was absolutely perfect! She planned and executed all the Fireman’s and Legion’s events and she ran the women’s auxiliary. I am my mother’s daughter, so I guess a little part of her lives on in me.

I get how important it is to honor your loved ones at a wedding. Family is everything to me. I wanted to share how you can honor your lost loved ones by incorporating them into your wedding day. These tips will help make sure that their spirit is close on a day celebrating your love.

The Memorial Table

The memorial table is a popular option, allowing you to customize it in many different ways. I have done a privacy screen with portraits hung on them and even added little pictures of loved ones instead of place cards at each seat! There are really so many options for this.

The Memorial Locket

Memorial lockets provide a way for you to more discreetly keep your loved ones close. I had one bride who wanted her four grandparents with her during the ceremony because she was so close to them, but she wanted it to be subtle. So we opted for memorial lockets that would attach onto the bouquet and then hang down in front of an empty vase at dinner time. In that way, the grandparents were honored as they hung down the front of the vase so they could be a part of everything.

Save a Seat Memorial

Saving a seat for the deceased is another excellent way to honor your loved one on your wedding day. You may bring their urn and reserve seats at both the wedding ceremony and reception. This ensures that the departed is with the family in spirit on such a special occasion.
Each memorial option is personal to you and your family. It’s your day, so don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. This memorial is for you, your fiancé, and family only.
Last year I had a bride who lost her grandfather and the grandmother was devastated. The grandmother asked her granddaughter if she could have Pap at the ceremony by putting a seat designated for him at the front. She asked me, “Is that weird?” I replied by telling her it wasn’t at all. There are many ways people handle their grief in different situations. It gave them great peace knowing he was watching as they got married.


Whether you choose one of the above options or decide something else is right for you, my team and I at Weddings of Pittsburgh are here to support you. If you are looking for a wedding planner that will ensure your loved ones are honored and remembered, feel free to contact us. We have experience planning weddings where the departed were included in the celebration of love and life. Book a call to learn more about how we can help you with designing an event that honors your deceased loved ones.


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