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Why should you consider using Tonya with Weddings of Pittsburgh as a wedding planner?

On average she saves her brides 25% of their total wedding budget.

How can she do that?

She has worked with over 1700 vendors in the PA, OH, WV, NY, NJ, VT, VA, MD and SC areas; and can negotiate your vendor contracts, and a lot of the time they give her a deal because they are hoping she will use them in a future wedding, they are also more likely to go over the top pampering you to get hired again.

What does that mean to me as a bride?

For example, if you are paying $60 a plate for dinner, she can usually get you $56 and that saves you $800 on a 200 person wedding right off the bat, on top of saving you money with caterers, linens, the cake, and other necessities.

Most importantly she makes sure you can go to bed at a decent hour after the rehearsal dinner, instead of staying up all night to be sure everything is just right. She will eliminate those bags from under your eyes on your wedding day, AND, when you choose Weddings of Pittsburgh, you can rest assure Tonya and her team WILL have your wedding and reception set the way you want it and the way it was discussed prior.

But can I really afford it?

Really, what about the $800 in the example above, and she won’t stop there. She will review your budget, and even design it to be sure you get everything you want a while keeping it realistic. Tonya has done over 500 weddings and events in the past 16 years, has made great relationships in the wedding industry, and she really knows what she is doing.

Do you want to be as happy as her?

Do you want to trust this day to anyone else?

Do you really want to worry about every little detail, and you will worry: did aunt so-and-so get the centerpieces right and put that special thing on them? When were the candles lit? How much burn time did they have again?

It is her attention to detail and ambitious nature that has allowed her much success and happy clients that refer her business. Failure is not an option!

Do you want to relax, be pampered, and remain calm on the very first party you ever throw, your wedding day? Then hire an expert and know that someone has your back! Choose Tonya and Weddings of Pittsburgh!

What will you chose?… .worried and panicked OR calm and present?

Let her save you money and take care of details, while you look breathtakingly beautiful, take in every second of this most special day, your once in a lifetime event and enjoy your wedding day.

Let Tonya and Weddings of Pittsburgh get to know you and design something beautiful just like your love!!

By:  Bridget Valora



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