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None of my brides are emotional wrecks right now or going through denial, anger, sadness, depression, fear or anxiety.  Wedding Planning in Pittsburgh

They listened to my sound advice and invested in a professional planner. A full-time planner who has built relationships with venues, venues I know are all doing financial sound and they all have insurance in case the hall burns down, the dress shop goes out of business, the florist doesn’t grow the flowers that we were promised, and or any other catastrophe that you can imagine.   Professional Wedding Planner

My brides have this assurance and insurance–because I care deeply and offer this peace of mind protection to every bride I work with. Wedding Insurance

I am passionate about planning!  It is in my soul, I instinctively and intuitively know how to run an event of pretty much any kind, especially a wedding.  I have book knowledge as well as field experience. I have experienced and came through floods, fires, heart attacks, panic attacks, and so much more.  I am there with you when everyone is set and your dad is waiting behind the door and you are finishing the last touches, I am there when you feel a little overwhelmed, I am there when aren’t sure what decision to make or please everyone – we talk it through and do what is best.  

I am writing this piece because of the recent closing of Noah’s Event Venue in Pittsburgh. Wedding Venue in Pittsburgh

As an industry expert with over 20 years of experience one of the first things I do with my full planning clients is offer cancelation event insurance.  Similar to health insurance which you hope you will never need, but the peace of mind you get from having it, is priceless.  Luxury Wedding Planner Tonya Edinger

I have been steering my full planning couples away from Noah since last year when they declared bankruptcy the first time.  You would not know unless you are in the industry, and even then if you are a part-time planner, or do not socialize in the industry circles, you are not privy to the gossip and sometimes, most of the time, factual comments made at these events.  

As a full-time planner, I educate myself constantly through certifications, books, conferences, and groups with my peers to bounce ideas off of.  Why do I do all this? Because as I stated before I am passionate about giving each of my clients a luxury experience. I am your trusted guide.  

From the couple to the parents, to the guests I make that happen because I love making magic and seeing the smile on all your faces at the end of the evening, the laughter that tinkles in the air all night as people who haven’t seen each other in ages reunite for this elevated experience.  An experience that only I can give as I guide you through the engagement process with ease allowing you to experience peace, joy, and calmness knowing everything is handled.

Time and time again, you can count on me to come through for you smooth, calm, and easy, as your professional event planner.

I invite you to consider having me as your guide through your engagement journey.

Read what Courtney had to say about her luxury experience. From day one I’ve felt there has been a huge weight off my shoulder. I knew Tonya would put my fiance and I as her first priority, she has always had our back.  She learned my vision so quickly. I know that my day will go so smoothly with it in her hand. She hasn’t turned down a single request I’ve made. Obviously, not everything in the world is possible, but I know if I ask, Tonya will give it her all to make it happen.”

Let’s make magic together. No matter where you are in the planning process I am here to help. From planning to rentals to vendors let’s make magic and enjoy the luxury experience from having me as your guide.

Click here to schedule your one to one experience and share your wedding vision with me.  You will have my undivided attention on this call. If we decide to work together, we will create a map designed just for you on how to get there.  

The Pittsburgh Wedding Planner – Tonya Edinger

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