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It’s the season of graduation parties! Your son or daughter has just graduated high school or college, and you want to throw the perfect party. But where do you start? You start with Tonya Edinger, the Pittsburgh-area’s leading event planner!

Jenna’s Graduation Party Story

I graduated in June 2015. And with the help of Tonya Edinger from Weddings of Pittsburgh, my graduation party was the perfect party!

I thought the only option for a graduation party was a backyard barbeque. That’s what my older sister and my cousin had both had. But I wasn’t interested in that kind of party. My mom knew this, and she looked for an expert to help. She turned to Tonya Edinger who saved the dayand planned the epic graduation party!

Thanks to Tonya, I had a more formal graduation party. I wore a gorgeous dress just for the event, and had my hair done for the occasion. She set up part of the room with round tables covered in nice coral pink tablecloths and the other part of the room with a dance floor. Her husband Sean is a DJ, and provided the best music that both my friends and my family loved!

And Tonya was so organized about everything! I love my mom, but she’s not always great about keeping organized. As a result, something usually tends to go wrong. At my sister’s graduation party, she forgot to rent tables and chairs. By the time she started calling places, they were already rented out to other graduation parties. It became a “bring your own chair” party. Memorable, but not what I really had in mind.

Thank goodness for Tonya! She planned the perfect graduation party for me!

Holly’s Graduation Party Story

Justin loved each of his birthday parties as a boy. We had a circus themed party when he was 5, a pirate themed party when he was 6, and a superhero themed party when he was 7. We’ve rented out the nearby bowling alley and waterpark. I’ve prided myself in being a creative mom, a cool mom. But I was clueless when it came to planning his high school graduation party.

He’s not a little boy anymore. Clowns and superheroes aren’t the right form of entertainment for an 18-year-old young man. And I didn’t want the typical backyard graduation party with volleyball and horseshoes as the only form of entertainment. I had a “cool mom” reputation to keep up with. This party was perhaps the most important party I would throw for Justin. I wasn’t about to settle for mediocre.

But I didn’t know how to handle the mixture of friends and family members who would be attending. How do you plan a party that will be a FUN experience for both my 74-year-old mother and my 18-year-old son and his friends?

I was talking to my friend about my dilemma, when she suggested talking to Tonya Edinger from Weddings of Pittsburgh. It ended up being the best decision I could have made. She had TONS of ideas.

He’s a swimmer, so we decided to pick a venue with a pool. His friends had a great time in the deep end, and the younger children splashed around in the shallow end.

There was a building where those who don’t like spending too much time in the sun) could socialize and enjoy the festivities.

She helped me find the right people for everything I needed — from entertainment to food. It turned out to be Justin’s best party yet!

Seriously, give Tonya a call. She has so many outstanding ideas for a graduation party, and she’ll plan the perfect party for your son or daughter!

Be proactive, call today!

Tonya Edinger 724-968-7135

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