Are you nearly getting married in Hyeholde, Pittsburgh? Congratulations! But before you do, there are a few things you need to know first.

Hyeholde is one of the most famous weddings in Pittsburgh, with hundreds of weddings happening every year. It is also home to some of the best wedding planners and event specialists who can make your big day as perfect as possible.

However, because it’s such a popular place for weddings, people often overlook important details about what they should expect when planning their wedding at Hyeholde Pittsburgh. 

That’s why we put together this guide on all the essential information that you will need before booking your date at Hyeholde Pittsburgh and making those all-important arrangements.

Who is this guide for?

People planning to get married in Hyeholde Pittsburgh want to make sure that their wedding is everything they dreamed of.

About the Hyeholde Restaurant Pittsburgh

hydeholde restaurant pittsburgh wedding

Hyeholde is a classy restaurant located at 1516 Coraopolis Heights Rd, Coraopolis, PA 15108. It offers more of a fine dining experience with its creative and elegant dishes that will leave you more than satisfied after your meal.

Hyeholde is a home and restaurant built in the 1930s by William and Clara Kryskill. It sits on 4 acres of gardens with winding stone paths that lead to its doors today. Inside this great hall are waxed beams, slate floors, stained glass windows, tapestries, crackling fireplaces, making it a warm, inviting place for all guests who visit here.

Hyeholde’s gardens and lawns have welcomed many a starry-eyed bride to a Pittsburgh wedding. The view from the round room is one of Pittsburgh’s most iconic features. With its gorgeous gardens and lush lawns, we’re no stranger to weddings here at Hyielde!

Whether you’re looking for an intimate wedding or just want some space in which your guests can roam freely without disrupting any other event happening around them; our beautiful stone hall will be the perfect backdrop- especially when that favorite song comes on the playlist during cocktail hour (you know who likes their happy hour).

The beautiful stone and glass round room at Hyeholde has become one of our city’s favorite venues for weddings because it can accommodate up to 110 guests with enough space left over!

Hyeholde Spaces

The Round Room

This is just the right size space for a small wedding of 100 guests. It has beautiful stone arches and flooring and offers an intensely intimate experience with your closest friends and family. The round room also offers spectacular views of Pittsburgh’s skyline, making it even more special for all guests.

The Gardens

If you prefer a more natural setting where you can get married surrounded by nature, then Hyeholde’s outdoor venues are perfect for you. 

The stone garden is a gorgeous spot where your guests will enjoy the view while sipping on their cocktails and enjoying a seated meal. There’s also the large lawn that will be perfect for dancing the night away.

Wedding Services Offered

Your special day is just a phone call away! You can depend on Hyeholde for absolutely delicious cuisine, wines, and service.

Hyeholde event director will personally walk you through the steps to make your wedding celebration or any other occasion one that lasts in people’s minds long after it’s over, with us providing these things at every turn.

They know how important this particular moment may be towards establishing oneself as somebody new together permanently joining their lives forevermore, making it all worthwhile even if some parts are unsure what might happen beforehand knowing deep down inside.

There’ll always be something waiting on both sides, patiently awaiting them. The entire process takes place during discovery weekend, giving engaged couples access to explore areas not normally open.

Wedding Date

Make a reservation as soon as possible. Their peak season for weddings is between early spring and winter, so if you want to get on the books now, make sure to let them know!

Preferably, 4-5 months before the event would be best to make a reservation but don’t worry if you have not booked yet – they’ve kept some open dates just in case any walk-ins need their services too.

Wedding Budget

The following rates will apply:

  • Round Room Reception: $750.00 per day Monday-Saturday
  • Reception and ceremony: $1200.00 per day Monday through Saturday

Every ceremony must start by 3:00 p.m. on Mondays through Saturdays. A five-hour time frame is given to wedding dinners, whereas ceremonies and receptions are limited to a five-and-a-half-hour duration.

The cost of the banquet package does not include a service charge or sales tax. A 20% service fee and a 7 percent sales tax are added to the overall final bill. Alcoholic beverages are subject to a 20% service charge and a 7% Allegheny County Drink Tax.

Hyeholde Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner

Hyeholde offers an on-staff venue coordinator. A bride or groom may think that a venue coordinator is all they need to meet their wedding planning process needs. As someone who has been in the wedding industry for decades, let me be clear – this isn’t the case! That’s because a venue coordinator is not the same thing as a wedding planner. How so? Let me explain

A venue coordinator is working for the venue and not the bride and groom. They have a vested interest in the success of their venue. Do you want to put all your planning needs in the hands of someone who isn’t putting you at the top of the priority list?

That is the difference that Weddings of Pittsburgh can make. My team and I have a vested interest in you first and foremost, and we will be there to advocate for the bride and groom every step of the way. 

That means nothing will get missed or forgotten about while planning your wedding day. This is something essential to keep in mind when moving forward with wedding plans!

The Weddings of Pittsburgh Will Help You With Every Detail of the Ceremony at Hyeholde, Making It an Absolutely Amazing

If you’re looking for an experience like no other, don’t miss out on Weddings of Pittsburgh’s services! As a team of wedding planners, we can make your Hyeholde wedding one that people will never forget.

Our team will take care of every detail you might have overlooked in the past. You can trust us to serve you with care to ensure that no detail is overlooked. Put your trust in our hands.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call today to discuss what our services entail and how they can meet all your needs.

Contact us right now at 724-968-7135, or visit our website to discuss your needs. Let’s make absolutely fantastic wedding in the lovely Hydeholde!