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When I tell people I’m a Luxury Event Concierge, I sometimes get the response, “That sounds expensive.”

To me, luxury is about experiences and not about prices. I charge based on the value I provide, but the real luxury comes from the magical moments my clients experience on their special day and the stress-free experience that my services can provide.

Have you ever had a day where everything just went right for you? You got a great haircut, you got the promotion, or you had a well-deserved spa day? In my eyes, those moments of pure bliss are luxury, and I seek to provide those for all my clients.

I really like getting to know my clients on a more personal level, my process includes a deep dive question list, when I interview you to see if we are a good fit.  I do this because I want to understand you, why you think the way you do, what is important to you, and how I can serve you best.  I create experiences that are meaningful to you. I make sure you are getting your beauty sleep and you will be because you will know that you have a trusted advisor by your side.

Once I learn what is keeping you up at night and take care of that for you so you do not have to lift a finger your worries and anxiety have changed to peace and calm.

I was talking to someone the other day and they shared with me how they have been unable to make the decision, afraid they are making the wrong decision and not really having clarity on what they want their wedding to look like, hotel, private home, or another venue type.  

The problem is you are not making any progress on planning, your dinners have been in silence lately, that silence follows you to the bedroom. Neither of you are speaking, talking, touching like before all this stress, every dinner starts a fight, you are walking on eggshells, you go to bed wondering “should I call the whole thing off”, “I have so much to do”, “will I get this all done”, “what does all even mean”, if you can even sleep at all because worry is eating at you.

This should have been a fun and exciting journey. How will the wedding day be any better with all this fighting and silence.

I have a client right now that is getting married at their grandparents special tree at their camp.  It is a very meaningful spot to their family and it makes my heart happy that they shared this with me and I want to make sure their experience with this tree is better than anything they have imagined.  I want to make sure they are focusing on each other and the way they feel and what they look like at this very moment. (stay tuned for pictures) 

Stuck in wedding planning, it is usually about money, pandemic, family expectations, or time you have to plan.  It is not usually the money it is about the other issues.

I am curious about you right now.  Have you had to postpone?  Have you woken up and realised that 2 years have gone by and you have made little to no progress, how does that make you feel?

Is it a mother-in-law problem?

Fiancé problem?

Holding pattern?

You have a Pinterest board that is costing you too much money but you are not making progress so by not working with a planner you are actually holding yourself back because a seasoned professional would find workarounds for you to stay closer to your budget.

What is this really costing you?

What will happen if you continue to take no action?

How much longer can you keep trying to do this on your own?

Have you ever believed you could do something but once you started it it became daunting and overwhelming?

I want to hear what is holding you back from getting your dreams to come true so I can show you how to fix it, there is no problem I have not overcome and I have seen a lot in my 21 years of service as a luxury concierge planner. 

I am the solution to your problems!

Are afraid to have a professional who knows exactly what they are doing on your side to be an advocate for you?  

This is not just affecting your planning, is it affecting your work, sleep, home life.  If you don’t do something about this  right now it may never get fixed correctly.  I know you do not want this.

You are the type of person who refuses to give up because you are the kind of bride that NEVER gives up, you have been dreaming about this, you want this so bad and you are almost there!

This reminds me of Rachael and Ian, a couple that went through many of the above challenges and we overcome all of them joyfully!  When they came to work with me I made their dreams come true of getting married now, not postponing anymore, not stressing out/worrying and this is what you want too.

My wedding planning luxury concierge services are specifically designed to help busy couples exactly like you.  Are you ready to begin a tandem partnership saving you time, money, and your mental health?  A partnership that keeps you confident knowing what is going on, making sure all your to do lists are checked off, and has you relaxing all the time looking flawless?

Then click here now and schedule a call with me and let’s make magic.

Are you nagging your fiancé to help you and they just never do?  Do you feel alone?  I have found over and over friends and family say they will help but when it come down to brass tacks they only do a little bit and leave or they have been drinking and do not even do what they said they would do.  Bride after bride at the end of the night come over to me and say thank God we paid for you!  We enjoyed our evening so much and we do not have to pack this all up!  I once did a wedding where we were only hired for a concierge coat rack.   At the end of the night we were packing up and the groomsmen all had drinks in hand while they were throwing items onto the rented truck.  It was Christmas and the mother and daughter had spent all day the day of and the day before decorating these lovely Christmas trees (there were 12) with hand blown glass balls.  I kept hearing the shattering in the truck and while they were all laughing and having a fun time because it wasn’t their memories.  I wondered how sad the mother and daughter would feel when they opened the truck and looked in horror at their memories that were no more.

Each dinner is drawn out in complete silence and you do not dare bring up the wedding as your partner is already touchy about it but nothing is happening and if we are going to get married something has to happen, but you do not want to start yet another fight.

You see no end in sight, you literally want to cry all the time and have cried in silence numerous times already, the thought of pulling all this together makes your stomach do a flip flop.

You dread going to bed because you get ready in silence, he doesn’t hold you like he once did, minimal snuggle time, and even intimacy has become less frequent.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I am the solution to your problems.

I have a client currently that I am working with that has planned their wedding 3 times and they were over it.  Then they hired me and begun talking more, laughing again, and most importantly understanding this is a tango for two and with the right help of having someone to give you clarity on, what to do when, so you don’t have as many questions, assist with check the to do’s off your list, making real progress, and confidently moving forward in your wedding planning produces the relationship back to where you were you first got engaged.

Set up your call now so you too can have a stress-free wedding!

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