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Why hire a luxury wedding planner? Read the dilemma couple Ian and Rachael Isaac faced, and how my services offered a stress-free wedding experience.

The Dilemma

It all began on Christmas Eve. My team had just set up two luxurious tablescapes for my holiday design clients. We were all celebrating an amazing year, enjoying a drink, and talking about our plans for the future.  That’s when I received this email:

Hello Tonya,

I wonder if you could help us. My daughter was supposed to get married at the Omni William Penn in Pittsburgh this Jan 9. Sadly, in light of the recent PA guidelines, Omni Corporate decided to close the hotel through April and cancelled our event. We only found out yesterday (Thursday).

We have been able to book the event room at the Holiday Inn Express in Weirton, West Virginia. The State of  West Virginia is at 50% capacity but they have far fewer restrictions. While we’re grateful to be able to save the reception, the venue is quite a come down from the Grand Ballroom at the Omni William Penn. We are looking for assistance in making the space something that would be truly beautiful.

I realize this is ridiculously short notice, but would you be able to help? I promise we’ll be easy to work with. We’re pretty agreeable in general and we’d be tremendously grateful for any assistance you could provide. We’re really up against it. We have some elements in place (table arrangements, up-lighting) but the room itself is very plain. We could really use some professional help.  Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.


Greg and Lisa Popcak

The Rescue? Luxury Wedding Planner Services

Truthfully, I would not ordinarily take on a job like this on such short notice. They were asking for a wedding design in just two weeks (a process that normally takes months of preparation). Postponing was out of the question as the January 9th date held major significance to them.

Still, I empathized with their situation. This past year presented so many obstacles for so many people – including myself. I knew as an experienced luxury wedding planner that I could work my magic and alleviate their stress.

I asked my team to pray about taking this job on such short notice and get back to me ASAP.  The very next day everyone on the team agreed to be all in and make this couples dreams come true.  With only weeks to go, we got to making magic in the workshop. It was a crazy, fast-paced, fun next few weeks connecting with vendors and arranging the logistics. Fortunately, we had already worked with some of the professionals like Steven Vance, and we knew they would be easy to work with. Professional vendors ensure the most smooth process.

The Venue

Holiday Inn Express in Weirton WV Luxury Wedding Planner

At the Holiday Inn Express in Weirton WV, hotel manager Brad was completely accommodating and helpful at every turn.  His staff were so easy to work with and made the process an adventure of fun. Everything came together so perfectly.

The Food

Endo’s Catering featured Chef Richy and his team. They were very hard working and essential to pulling the food design together. We got a lot of praise from guests at the end of the day.

The Style and Design 

Throughout the design process, we went to West Virginia and met with Lisa and Dr. Greg.

Dr. Greg has an eye for style and wanted the best for his baby girl. I can relate!  The rentals from Rentals of Pittsburgh (a sub division of Weddings of Pittsburgh) look breathtaking in the venue.  The parents decided on rose gold ceiling draping and a rich, luxurious burgundy twinkle lit backdrop.  It was romantic and elegant, just what Rachael asked for.  

We did regular Zoom calls as well. I always like to see my clients and really get to know them as people. That’s another advantage of the luxury wedding planning experience we create for our clients. I can read the level of anxiety with a face-to-face call. Rachael and Ian always thanked me at the end of our calls, and they commented how at peace they felt knowing every single detail was handled and nothing would be forgotten.  

The Bachelor and Bachelorette Party 

On Thursday, we met at the famous Goldmark located in trendy Lawrenceville. We hosted the bachelor and bachelorette parties with close family and friends. A delicious, fun time was had by all!

The Church 

Saint Stanislaus Church Luxury Wedding Planner

We held the rehearsal at Saint Stanislaus located in the heart of the strip district. We zipped through the rehearsal a few times just to make sure everyone knew what they were doing. They had a large party of 24 bridesmaids and groomsmen, so preparation was crucial. Father Nick was so easy and friendly to get a hold of and answer all my questions. As I stated in a previous blog, it is important to respect church etiquette, rules, and customs. The Church did a great job of sanitizing the space between the wedding and the mass.  

The Ceremony

Rachael and Ian Isaac Wedding Luxury Wedding Planner

Want another advantage of having a luxury wedding team by your side? We catch all the details. Thankfully, our team caught some wardrobe malfunctions that needed to be addressed shortly before the ceremony began. 

Once we were ready and on time, Ian accompanied his parents down the aisle. The bridesmaids and groomsmen would follow, and then the lovely bride and her parents flowed down the aisle. It never gets old to witness the twinkle, emotions, and wonderment of a marriage ceremony. After the service was over, we threw birdseed prepared safely and in individual sachets by the sister of the bride.  

At this point, we only had a ten minute window of time to capture the long list of desired portraits, so I had to act quick. Pre-planning ensured that this process went smoothly – otherwise precious moments would have been lost forever! I can’t allow that.  The photographer Shannon Chevez of Shannon Chavez Productions worked with me as I called out each person by name to stand in. 

The Reception 

Haggerty Rides Luxury Wedding Planner

Haggerty Rides provided top notch VIP service to all 24 members of the wedding party – transporting them in style on the limo bus. Thanks to their driver Jeff, he helped all the ladies in and had drinks on the ready.  Five-star service (and nothing less) is why he is one of my strategic partners! Looking for a white wedding limo?  Look no further.

Jeremy Scott Films was the videographer service with Amanda and Jeremy capturing the moment and preserving it forever.

The Luxury Wedding Planner White Glove Service

Once you arrived you were greeted by Concierge Johnny and Concierge Sean from Weddings of Pittsburgh and shown to your seat, your gift and/or card was then accepted and taken to the gift table by one of the concierges, because we believe that even your guests should be pampered. A seating chart designed by Rachael’s brother Jacob Popcak helped guests find their place. 

The Flowers

Upon entering, you could smell the light fragrance of lilies and orchids.  Simple yet elegant again, per the bride’s desire.  The flowers, Eiffel Tower vases, and mirrors were provided by Wallace Flowers in Mount Washington.  Chuck and John teamed up to produce a bouquet of pure amazement.

The Cake

Rachael and Ian Cake Luxury Wedding Planner

Bethel Bakery designed the cake, and it really tasted just as good as it looked. In fact, I haven’t stopped thinking about that cake since the wedding!

The Music

On the Dancefloor Luxury Wedding Planner

As you walked into the reception, pianist Eric Barchiesi filled the space with a cozy, classy atmosphere as he played jazz standards from Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. Piano music gave way to modern dance hits by DJ Anthony Molinaro from Steven Vance Entertainment.  He rocked it out and kept everyone on the dance floor until late that night when Ian whisked his stunning bride off into the night!

The Applause

Newlywed Rachael Isaac shared this testimonial about her experience working with Weddings of Pittsburgh:

Due to Covid, our original location for our wedding reception was no longer an option. We had two weeks before our wedding to move our reception and replan. We found a new venue, however there was no help provided by the venue for décor/reception set up. When hiring Tonya we were looking for someone to help decorate and set up for the reception. In the end, we were able to pull off a beautiful wedding and were able to celebrate with our family and friends even on short notice.
Tonya had a lot of resources and was able to provide the help that we needed to have a beautiful day.

Quality of Service 5 / Responsiveness 5 / Value 5 / Flexibility 5 / Professionalism 5 / Overall Quality Score 5

Sent on 03/14/2021

Success on Short Notice

Did you enjoy reading about the experience that my luxury wedding planner services provided for Ian and Rachael Isaac?

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