The Mansions on Fifth is located in Pittsburgh’s exquisite Shadyside area. It is a one-of-a-kind setting for elegant wedding ceremonies and other events, including receptions, engagement parties, and showers. The Mansions on Fifth, which were built in 1906, were once the home of eminent attorney Willis McCook and his family. The Mansions on Fifth, now a 22-room hotel and event space, was meticulously restored to its former glory in 2011-12. It has all of the modern facilities one would expect from a luxury hotel. However, you can get a luxurious venue with a setting that evokes the elegance and beauty of the “Gilded Age.”

Available venue spaces

This amazing venue has two houses. It consists of Fifth Avenue House, which is larger, and the Amberson House, which is smaller and more private. Fifth Avenue House is a beautiful site for wedding-related festivities. The “Grand Hall,” which features a giant wood staircase, and four side rooms, each with its own distinct personality, make up the floor plan. The Parlour is light and open, while the Dining Room evokes an English dining club with its spectacular molded plaster ceiling. The Wood Room, with its carved oak paneling and ceiling, has wonderful views of the neighborhood, and the Library has a big fireplace surrounded by a vast collection of books.

A seated event can accommodate 120 guests, while a cocktail-style event may accommodate 175. Showers are often held in the Parlour or Dining Room, each of which can seat around 40 people.

Wedding services offered at Mansions on Fifth

From delicious stationed appetizers to custom-prepared multi-course plated dinners, Mansions on Fifth has something for everyone. Mansions feature a range of light meal choices that will excite your appetite without weighing you down during showers. A full-service bar is available at Mansions. Of course, Mansions takes pleasure in catering to any visitors’ or clients’ unique dietary requirements. In addition, you can get food & catering, bar & drinks, and wedding cakes.

Wedding dates

Like any other venue, all of the bookings should be made in advance. You can ask the management for the event calendar and decide which date is perfect for you.

Wedding budget and packages

The Celebration package, the Grand package, and the Gold package are the three main wedding packages. There is a range of prices and amenities to suit all tastes and budgets. There are additional seasonal options, such as Winter White Weddings and April Showers, in addition to the basic packages.

What is the difference between event coordinator and planner?

Mansions on Fifth also offers an event coordinator. It’s likely that you won’t be able to identify the difference between a planner and an event coordinator. You may feel that an event planner can handle all of your wedding planning requirements. We have decades of experience in the wedding industry and can tell you that this is not the case. It’s a little confusing at first, but here’s how it works.

The bride and groom do not hire a wedding planner. Instead, he works for the venue, where he is in charge of ensuring that the management’s event runs successfully. As a result, he is unlikely to pay heed to your demands.

We’ve come to find a solution to this problem. The team at Weddings of Pittsburgh will work for you and will always prioritize your needs. We can assist you with every step of the wedding preparation process, and we’ll be present during your wedding ceremony to ensure that nothing is forgotten or ignored.

Weddings of Pittsburgh Can Help You Plan Your Wedding Ceremony at Mansions on Fifth

Don’t let your wedding be just another event. When it comes to weddings, “just another event” isn’t good enough. Weddings are special days that deserve nothing less than an extraordinary experience.

You can find that experience with Weddings of Pittsburgh by following these three simple steps:

  • Get in touch with us to set up a free consultation. We’ll discuss the types of services you’re looking for and how much you want to spend – or what your budget is.
  • Schedule your appointment time with us! We’ll help you make sure your big day goes off without any surprises (and none of those last-minute mishaps!).
  • Relax and enjoy the plans unfolding in front of you. We’ve got this!

Contact us right now at 724-968-7135, or fill out an appointment registration on our website to talk about your requirements. Let’s make a truly incredible wedding in the gorgeous Mansions on Fifth