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Choosing the perfect Pittsburgh wedding invitation can be an overwhelming task. There are so many elements to decide on: the design, the colors, the wording, and the quantity to purchase for your guests.

Do you want unique, custom invitations with personal details for your big day in Pittsburgh, PA? We have some great options for you to consider at Weddings of Pittsburgh.

Need wedding invitation inspiration?

Here’s 7 wedding invitation ideas from Weddings of Pittsburgh to spark your inspiration and make your Pittsburgh wedding invitation stand out from the crowd.

1. “The Rustic”

Rustic Pittsburgh Wedding Invitations

Pittsburgh is a city that’s full of natural beauty, and it can be found right in the background of your wedding day. Why not incorporate these elements into your Pittsburgh wedding invitation?

For instance, you’ll find that Pittsburgh is immediately recognizable for its unique geographic placement where two rivers converge – The Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers. Consider an invitation that showcases this natural feature.

The rivers of Pittsburgh are a perfect symbol for your marriage, because you two are also converging as one on your wedding day! Create a card that will make lasting memories for all your guests.

2. “The Modern”

Modern Pittsburgh Wedding Invitations

Pittsburgh is the perfect backdrop for your chic, modern wedding! To dress up your invites with an extra-special touch, design them to include a Pittsburgh skyline.

Guests will be thrilled when they see this great city in their mailbox and know you’re getting married there too!

3. “The Traditional”

Traditional Pittsburgh Wedding Invitations

Pittsburgh is one of the oldest cities in America with a rich history. One thing that has stayed with Pittsburgh through its many years? Its tradition and culture!

There’s nothing more classic than a traditional wedding invitation. If your Pittsburgh reception is formal, then this may be the route to go for your invitations too! A black and white design with elegant gold calligraphy will make you feel even more special on your big day.

You can also add some modern flair by including fun floral details or incorporating an unexpected color like purple into the mix. Wax seals are also a popular design choice for traditional wedding cards – we can help with that!

A traditional Pittsburgh wedding invitation will be perfect for your day because it’s so uniquely you while still showing off how proud you are about being from this great city.

4. “The Creative”

Creative Pittsburgh Wedding Invitations

Do you identify as a creative? Design custom wedding invitations by incorporating the city of Pittsburgh. Different shapes and textures will make it a unique, one-of-a kind artwork that’s sure to be appreciated!

Colorful Pittsburgh Wedding Invitations

5. “The Colorful”

Do you have a colorful personality? You can show that off on your wedding invitations! Here’s an idea: design the cards in the style of vintage postcards with Pittsburgh in the background.

Guests will not only get excited and see the beautiful scenery, but they’ll also be reminded by where to go for the big day when it comes around.

Minimalist Pittsburgh Wedding Invitations

6. “The Minimalist”

Nothing beats the classic design of a simple, black-and-white color scheme. Design your Pittsburgh wedding invitations with a vintage letterpress design in grayscale colors to give it that extra handmade touch!

Looking for cards that are classic, elegant, and timeless? Weddings of Pittsburgh can help you with all the details and design work for your wedding invitations. We’ve helped countless couples in Pittsburgh, PA find their perfect card design that makes them stand out from the crowd.

7. “The Vintage”

Vintage Pittsburgh Wedding Invitations

If you’re looking for a more vintage look, think about taking inspiration from the city’s rich history. This will create Pittsburgh wedding invitations that are not only stylish but also have depth and meaning behind them.

Vintage-inspired designs allow you to tell a great story through your invites, which is what any bride should be striving for on her big day! Let Weddings of Pittsburgh help make this vision come true.

Pittsburgh Wedding Invitations

Weddings of Pittsburgh Can Make Your Pittsburgh Wedding Invitation Ideas a Reality

Where can you find personalized wedding and event invitations? At Weddings of Pittsburgh, we turn inspirations into reality! We are your wedding invitation company dedicated to making every detail perfect on your big day.

Our full service design studio specializes in crafting Pittsburgh wedding invitations with personal details that are unique and individualized to meet any personal taste.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted design to make your big day even more special, Weddings of Pittsburgh can create that for you.

Weddings of Pittsburgh has everything you need to make your wedding invitations in Pittsburgh, PA stand out from the crowd. We stock a wide variety of designs, calligraphy, art, and wedding stationery that are sure to suit every taste and style ― whether it’s traditional, modern, minimalistic, or creative! From a basic invite to something more complex, we can handle it all. All cards can be customized with envelopes too.

We are ready to discuss our many different card options available so that we may create a truly memorable invitation just for you. We also can do favors for your big day!

If you need wedding invitations, book an appointment online with us or call us at 724-968-7135.

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