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Men, improve your knowledge of your babydoll!  If you have been in any relationship for any amount of time then you know that we want you to be psychic and just know what we want.  Why don’t you just know?  It really would be sooooo much easier!

What I have learned in 23 years of marriage is that I usually get what I want by just asking!!  Communication is key!  That’s right just like the Bible says we have not because we ask not!!  This is not magic and will not work every single time, but it WILL improve your relationship and ultimately isn’t that what you want?  This is the law of reciprocation. Guess what?  The more you give, the more you want to give!!  It works for both men and women and makes for an amazingly powerful and special relationship!  Just answer these few questions, then give us a call today! 724-968-7135

What does your lovely lady enjoy doing?

Where does she like to go and hang out?

What makes your sweetheart happy?

What makes her twinkle when you talk about it?

Is there a favorite location she talks about all the time?

Have you considered a get away vacation?

Insider Secret: Asking her mom, sister, or best friend for ideas will also improve results!

The last Prince Charming I planned with got down on one knee in a park with fireworks exploding in the background (is that my heart) holding her hands in his, lovingly looking up at her, “will you marry me?” Time froze.  Well……she said YES!  Best of all it was caught on camera forever!!  She was crying and laughing and jumping up and down and he swung her around, she just kept saying YES!  I have shivers, and am so privileged to be a part of such a sweet moment!

Right now I am working on one involving an elephant, shhhh I must keep some secrets.

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