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What is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy is a technology that has both cosmetic and healing effects. The word  “healing” is defined as “the natural process by which the body repairs itself.” That is exactly  what happens when the body is exposed to Red Light Therapy. We use a proprietary Red Light Therapy system called the “SkinnyLight.” 

Where Did Red Light technology Come From?

NASA first developed this technology to grow plants in space, then later to treat wounds in  space. Today, Red Light Therapy is being used throughout the medical field to heal patients and  is used in salons around the world to rejuvenate the skin. NASA’s ongoing research on Red Light  Therapy is now focused on helping cancer patients. This technology does not harm, and there  are no known side effects. Red Light Therapy is safe and pain-free, and in fact, patients describe  feeling good after a session. 

Is Red Light Therapy a Safe Method for Fat Loss?


Red Light in wavelengths between 630-660nm (nanometers) can penetrate deep into the layers  of the skin – energizing the fibroblast cells that produce collagen and elastin. This is how the  skin repairs damage and rejuvenates its overall appearance. The visible benefits from Red Light  Therapy – such as reduced wrinkles and firmer skin – may seem like just a cosmetic  enhancement, but they are the result of the body healing itself. Red Light Therapy can target  and treat the entire face and body. While the Red Light table may look like a tanning bed, Red  Light Therapy is not dangerous because it produces a wavelength far outside of the UV range. 

Red Light is often referred to as near-infrared light. Why? Because as demonstrated in a visible  light chart, light between 600-750nm is near or close to infrared light. The increased strength  of the SkinnyLight Red Light Therapy system allows for body contouring benefits as well.  

SkinnyLight stimulates non-invasive permanent fat removal by temporarily opening the fat cells  and draining the contents using the body’s natural process of lipolysis. There is no damage to  tissue, no pain, no downtime, and no other negative outcomes. Since no cells are removed or  destroyed, subsequent weight gain can be normally distributed throughout the body’s fat cells. 

How Quickly Will a Patient See Results with Red Light Therapy?

SkinnyLight Red Light Therapy

In clinical trials, patients immediately lost an average of 3.5” combined from the waist, hips,  and thighs while at each treatment visit, and 98% of those patients lost more than 2”. Patients  lost an average of 1.6 liters of fat at the treatment visit. In Vivo studies show that abdominal  thickness was immediately reduced by 33%.  

What is the Difference Between Laser Treatments and Red Light Therapy?

SkinnyLight Red Light Therapy

The primary difference between laser and non-laser light is that all of a laser’s power is focused  on a single point as a beam of “coherent” light. Lasers must therefore operate at extremely low  power to avoid tissue damage. While low-level lasers are safe on the skin and present a risk of  tissue damage only to the eyes, higher power lasers can burn through steel. SkinnyLight does  not present a risk to the eyes or any body tissue and is therefore safer than lasers.

How Does SkinnyLight Compare to Other Targeted Weight Loss Treatments?

SkinnyLight CoolSculpt

Low-heat, comfortable. Extreme cold, uncomfortable.
Immediate results – average 2” loss after initial  treatment.Results in 1-3 months following treatment – average  of 39.6 cc of fat loss.
Fat cells are emptied but remain unharmed. Fat cells are frozen, and cells are permanently  damaged.
Possible side effects (including long-term): minor itchiness and tightness. 

Classified as a Risk 1 device, the safest category of  medical devices. NO pain, NO discomfort, NO  downtime, NO dysmorphic fat accumulations, NO  side effects or adverse outcomes of any kind.

Possible side effects (including long-term): pain,  temporary redness, swelling, blanching, bruising,  firmness, tingling, stinging, tenderness, cramping,  aching, itching, or skin sensitivity, umbilical hernia,  gaining fat, enlargement of fat, stretch marks,  prolapsed bladder, paradoxical adipose hyperplasia,  inflammatory colitis, and deep vein thrombosis.
10-minute treatment (6 treatments recommended). 1-hour treatment (4 treatments needed).
Cost: Between $124.95-$174.95 per treatment. Cost: $600 per treatment.


 SculpSure LipoLight

Laser- generated heat, possible laser burns and  discomfort.Laser diodes applied directly to skin. Possible  discomfort or burning from laser underlying skin.  Invasive treatment.
Results as quickly as 6 weeks but 12 weeks for  optimal results – average of 24% of fat cells  destroyed after 1 treatment.Results in 4 weeks.
Fat cells are destroyed. Fat cells are emptied but remain unharmed.
Possible side effects (including long-term): pain,  laser burns, nodule formation, blistering, scars,  fever, swelling, tenderness, abscess, cellulitis.Possible Side effects (including long-term): Minimal  bruising, minor aches, minor discomfort, darkened  skin. Infection, skin necrosis, dimpling,  

lumpiness, numbness, scarring, discoloration, or  sagging skin, as well as discomfort in the surgically  treated area.

25-Minute treatment (4 treatments for abdomen, 2  treatments for love handles).20-minute treatment (8-10 treatments needed).
Cost: $350 per treatment. Cost: $599 per treatment (on average).



Cold Laser treatment.
Possible results after a minimum of 4 treatments (little over 1  week with 3 treatments per week) – average results of 3.72” lost  from waist, hips and thighs after 6 treatments over 2-week period.
Possible side effects (including long-term): chances of acquiring  fat to the previous level is high, toxin levels in liver may increase  from liquified fat, not suitable for patients with pacemakers.
40-Minute treatment (6 treatments with 3 treatments per  week).
Cost: $285 per treatment (on average).


In summary, SkinnyLight is the safest targeted weight loss treatment available. Immediate results are scientifically proven, with no long-term side effects.  I have personally used it for stubborn belly fat that would not go away, I look and feel so much better and more confident and I highly recommend it as a safe way to get the body you want for the day of your life.

~Tonya Edinger

The Pittsburgh Wedding & Event Planner

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