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Wedding planners have secrets….shh!  Especially ones like me who have been in the business for a long time.

Secrets like “is the fee really the fee” when it comes to hiring vendors?

“Secrets like how to expand the feel, look and décor of your reception” while staying within your budget.

what’s taboo  and how to  rock your reception.

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking I don’t need a wedding planner, I can do this all myself.

So Here’s how a wedding planner will benefit you:

  1. You get peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of,  what woman wouldn’t want that? or guy?
  2. Guidance to stay on task
  3. You receive better than advertised deals
  4. And most importantly you stay on budget while getting the maximum value for money spent.

Using a planner can be the difference between more money in your pocket or money out of your pocket.

Hire an expert planner and here’s what you will get:

I will share my top-notch vendors with you and this is important for you because I know their reputation, they work with me frequently, and this allows me to pass the savings on to you.  Consider me your personal wedding concierge!

Now, let’s picture your wedding day You are getting ready in your bridal suite, putting the finishing touches on your hair as your father arrives to begin the ceremony all the while you have me handling all of the details of your fairy tale day, so you can glide down the aisle without a care, relaxed, and in love while I take care of everything behind the scenes.

Without a wedding planner, you and your maid of honor would be in charge of chasing down all the little details, from making sure the candles are lit, the wedding party is in place, boutonnieres are in place, and so on.

When you take the journey yourself, You’re not sure YOUR  vendors have arrived on time and accomplished what needed to be finished setting up at the reception hall because you are at the ceremony and have no clue what is going on at the reception venue or who skipped your wedding and went right there, is everything set for them to arrive?  IS IT???

So, let’s talk about money for a minute.

Being an experienced wedding planner I have a secret weapon, and it is the debt free bride and groom, where I teach you things you may not know about money, And if you haven’t had that awkward “money talk, yet”, I’ll give you a step-by-step guide to make it comfortable for everyone so that you start your wedding journey happy, instead of stressed, overwhelmed and anxious.  With my key strategies (which we cover this in our first meeting) I will start you out with an exceptional plan that you can follow so your dreams can come true.

You have each other!  Let him do the talking with his parents.  Hold his hand and rub his arm to show your support!  You do the talking with your parents and you will probably have to ask him to hold your hand for support.  Guys love it when you let them in on what you want.  Insider Secret he is not psychic, and will probably never guess what you are thinking, so come on girls help him out!

A little tip as you’re about to become one…

Money is a very hard topic for a lot of people to talk about.  Moving forward, having money talks should be part of your regular conversations.

One thing that has worked for my marriage of 23 years, we do our bills together each month and discuss big purchases, which has kept many an argument  away!

Debt and drama two things that can destroy the “happy couple” and seem to happen to brides without a wedding planner.

Having a wedding plan, designed by an expert: allows you to stay out of debt.

Eliminates making “impulse” purchases made with excitement!!!!

Saves money that would end up being wasted on items that don’t fit the image you have already chosen.


Picture this; you are at work and dreaming of all things wedding, ahhhh, quitting time, and you’re out the door.

As you’re driving home, you spot a Discount Store just up ahead

You promise yourself, “I will just look and see if they have anything.” thirty minutes later you walk out with some SUPER GREAT DEALS and you only spend $100.  You drive home and take your treasures into the house to your designated “wedding area” and put them with the other treasures.

And guess what?  They clash!  They don’t match anything from your chosen theme.  And you say, “it’s only a $100.”  Add that to the other areas you overspent in and before long your busted.  A bit mad, you pull up Pinterest on your iPad. You spot a really cool dress. Then, you hear a chime from your email and you are on the Knot, which leads you to Wedding Wire.  Your phone starts ringing and you realize it is 8pm.  You haven’t eaten dinner and you feel completely overwhelmed.

Take a deep breath! Exhale.

Broken Focus = Failure

Failure = Debt

Weddings take Time to Plan and who better to plan it than someone who does it every day?

Did you know that it takes approximately 180 hours to plan a wedding? Those 180 hours don’t include DIY projects.

Think of this—Most vendors work during your working hours.


Staying focused and staying out of debt doesn’t just happen.  It is planned.

  • Design your wedding plan
  • Focus on the key areas, while negotiating deals for you with all your vendors. (Vendors won’t cut brides a deal, though they cut wedding planners deals because they want to work with me again and again and again)
  • Share cost-saving tips
  • how to get more atmosphere for less money
  • An advocate on your side to ward off all the stressful details
  • And by the way, I can neither confirm nor deny that I am related to the Priceline Negotiator.
  • And I’m only a call away…any time you need me.


When we work together, I share my insider secrets and best deals because Happily Ever After Begins With An Expert!

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