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Many couples can be confused about what type of table to use at their wedding reception. There are so many different wedding table styles to choose from: king tables, sweetheart tables, and head tables.

Well, what makes them different? In this guide by Weddings of Pittsburgh, we’ll clear up the confusion and sort out the difference between these three types of tables so that you can make the best decision when it comes time for your big day.

King Table Wedding

king's table weddings of pittsburgh

As the name suggests, a king’s table harkens back to the feasts of kings with its impressive size. The king table consists of one long table or multiple rectangular tables with chairs on both sides, and it typically has large centerpieces running down the middle.

At many weddings that feature king tables, there’s usually one long row for the entire bridal party, the family of the bridal party, and other guests to all sit down together at the same table. Because king tables are so big, they allow everyone in the wedding to dine together.

King tables are great at making everyone feel like they’re a part of the celebration. King tables are often used at weddings with larger guest counts, typically over 100 people.

A common complaint to king tables is that they can make guests feel overcrowded with not enough room. King tables are also not the most practical option for guests with disabilities.

Sweetheart Table Wedding

sweetheart table weddings of pittsburgh

The sweetheart table is unique because it only has two chairs for the bride and groom to sit together during dinner or cocktail hour. A sweetheart table can be rectangular or round as it will only be seating two people. This table setup allows the bride and groom to feel special and have an intimate wedding experience after sharing their vows with one another. It is their day after all!

A drawback of a Sweetheart table is that the bride and groom may feel too isolated from the rest of their guests.

Head Table Wedding

head table weddings of pittsburgh

A traditional head table is the most used table setup for the entire wedding party. It consists of one or multiple rectangular tables with chairs on one side.

This table is typically placed in a prominent position during the wedding reception for all the guests to see. A head table is great for photos, because it allows the wedding party to be easily photographed from multiple angles.

A drawback to head tables is they are not ideal for conversations, because you can only speak to the people sitting directly next to you. Also, a head table does not always account for the significant others of bridesmaids or groomsmen. Keep this in mind when planning your big day and make sure to inform your wedding party if this is the case.

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