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A tent rental in Pittsburgh, PA could be the perfect idea for your next corporate event, birthday party, fundraiser, or special occasion. Tent event rentals can be an elegant option for most events, because they can make your celebration more intimate and luxurious. They can also be used as a shelter and adorned with lights and other décor to make them the focal point of your party.

Still unsure if a Pittsburgh tent rental is the right call for your event or wedding? The Weddings of Pittsburgh team has outlined 11 great reasons to get one below.

1. Weather Proof

tent rentail in pittsburgh

We all hope for a sunny day when having an outdoor wedding or event, but sometimes mother nature has other plans. A tent rental will help keep you and your guests dry.

When planning your event months ahead of time, weather conditions are a total gamble. In Pittsburgh, it is very common for rain throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Having shelter from the elements will allow guests to stay dry during outdoor activities such as cocktail hour while adding comfort inside. They will also protect against the wind, which could damage decorations, equipment, or food at your event.

2. Easy To Assemble and Disassemble

tent rentail in pittsburgh

If you are renting a large tent, it will likely be delivered in several pieces that need to be assembled on site before the event begins. A quality, professional crew can put up any type of tent rental at your location quickly and safely so you don’t have any down time when setting up for the big day!

When your guests leave at the end of an evening party, that doesn’t mean the job has finished for crew members. A professional team will take down any tents from your location quickly so you don’t wake up with leftover equipment cluttering up space on site.

3. Secure Your Valuables

tent rental in pittsburgh

A wedding can be an expensive affair with many personal items involved such as rings, jewelry, cameras, phones, and more. Tents provide a safe place for guests so that their precious belonging and attire stay protected and out of sight.

4. Convenient and Versatile

tent rental in pittsburgh

Tents come in all shapes, sizes and colors which means you have a lot of options to suit your event or wedding’s theme! You can also use them for other events like outdoor parties or cookouts.

5. Add Some Décor

tent rental in pittsburgh

Tents are a blank slate for your décor! You can use them to hang flowers, lights, and more which will create an impressive backdrop for your wedding or event. Tents can add a cozy, attractive appeal that you would otherwise be missing if you forego this option.

Whether you want a traditional, elegant wedding tent with classic chandeliers and fabric chairs or an industrial chic structure draped in white lights and filled with reclaimed wood furniture, there are many options available when it comes to decorating your Pittsburgh tent rental!

As the sun goes down, twinkle string lights on your tent can add a lovely, romantic atmosphere.

6. Beautiful and Sturdy

tent rental in pittsburgh

Tents are built with strong materials to ensure they can withstand the wind, weather or other natural elements. At Weddings of Pittsburgh, we offer high-quality canvas that can be easily cleaned after an event unlike cheaper alternatives!

7. Keep Guests Comfortable

tent rental in pittsburgh

Guests will appreciate the comfort of a shady tent instead of baking under the summer heat. Tents offer an opportunity for attendees to sit, rest, and cool off. This will be appreciated by those most affected by the heat: young children and the elderly. It’s a good thing to consider those groups for your special day.

8. Practical and Functional

tent rental in pittsburgh

A large tent will be big enough for your bar, buffet tables, dance floor and other equipment that you need for your wedding or event! You don’t want all your efforts going towards creating an appealing atmosphere only to lose it because you didn’t bring in enough seating or storage areas! Our tents are perfect as they come in various sizes so you can choose one that meets every need for your special day. If we put up a smaller tent on location then there will be enough space for all your décor, equipment and guests!

9. Easy To Transport And Store Away When Not In Use

tent rental in pittsburgh

Tents come in pieces which makes them easy to transport from location to location unlike other types of shelters. Our experienced crew members know how to put up and take down each type of rental quickly at any site without inconveniencing anyone. After your event, everything can be put away neatly and safely so you don’t wake up to a mess!

10. Cost Saving

tent rental in pittsburgh

A tent can be an economical way to make any outdoor location feel like home. A tent has a better space-to-cost ratio than any other type of venue. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment or building materials for an event when you can make it feel like home with just one tent!

Weddings of Pittsburgh: Your Resource for Tent Rental in Pittsburgh

Weddings of Pittsburgh will supply you with all your tent rental needs in the greater Pittsburgh area. We specialize in providing tents, tables, and chairs that will make any event look elegant and luxurious.

Our experienced crew members know how to put up and take down each type of rental quickly at any site without inconveniencing anyone. After your event, everything will be put away neatly and safely so you don’t leave with a mess!

Feel free to give us a call today at 724-968-7135 or contact us online and one of our friendly team members will chat with you about your tent rental needs. Ask about our other event rental too: thrones, tables, lighting, backdrops, décor, and more!

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