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Tonya Edinger

Tonya Edinger

As I reflect on this past year, I’ve realize that this year’s been a tough one. It’s been quite an eventful year for this event planner!

My followers who know me well have heard the stories about just how crazy this year has been, but I’ve found a way over, under, around or through every obstacle with my optimism.

I always choose to find a silver-lining in everything: the good, the bad, and the uncomfortable. There’s a little good in everything that happens, you can find it and a solution to the problem, when you stay positive.

I’m more than a wedding planner and event planner, I’m a problem-solver.

The truth is problems happen… whether it be in life… or at an event.

I’ve handled the problems in my life well this year. I’m proud to say that. And wanted to remind my brides, friends and people everywhere that problems are best when handled with optimism.

Problems are just waiting on you to solve them. When you encounter trials, don’t accept defeat. Tackle the obstacles with optimism, communication, and confidence.

I’m very grateful for each one of you. I wish you all green lights and the Midas touch in the year to come. May blessings abound.

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