Do you want to make your wedding an enjoyable event for your family and guests? You can find everything that you need to make your wedding memorable at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. It is possible to celebrate the creation of a new bond, have a lot of playful children in the family, or avoid a traditional venue for this special occasion; the Children’s Museum offers everything that you may need.

You can enjoy the amazing Big Red Room or choose to be in other exhibit areas of The Children’s Museum, such as the Theater, Garage, or the Studio. It is possible to host your wedding ceremony in the entire museum. The guests will surely love the private access to all the areas in the museum. All the areas are elegant, and there is also an amazing reception and accommodating staff.

About The Children’s Museum Pittsburgh

You can always consider The Children’s Museum if you want to select a unique venue that can be memorable for your special occasion. We are sure that it can delight all of your guests and family. It can accommodate all of your needs. For example, it offers everything from a lavish wedding to an intimate reception. The beautiful structure and interior of the museum will add elegance to your wedding celebration. It has award-winning architecture, so you can be sure about the luxurious environment.

The Children’s Museum Spaces

As a couple, you can select from a wide range of space options. It is possible that a smaller section fits your criteria, so the Big Red Room can be the perfect option with immaculate marble detailing. There are several exhibit areas that you can choose for special receptions and ceremonies. So, you can make your wedding extravagant by renting the entire museum and unlocking all of the space options and advantages the museum has to offer. Everything depends on your needs because you can rent the entire museum to accommodate about 1,000 guests. However, you can also go for a small and warm wedding ceremony or a lavish and large gathering.

Wedding services offered at The Children’s Museum

There are only two service options, e.g., ceremony and reception. All of the events are held indoors; there is no option for an outdoor ceremony or reception. The maximum indoor capacity for ceremonies is 150, while the indoor reception capacity is 250.

You can get the following amenities:

  • Accessible by handicapped
  • Dressing room
  • Wireless internet
  • Only indoor event space
  • Ceremony area
  • Reception area

Only the Big Red Room, Studio and Group Orientation space, Classrooms, and Garage have catering. However, you need to get the catering from one of the recommended caterers.

What about the wedding date?

It is better to fix the wedding date early to avoid problems. You can ask the management about the available dates and book for your wedding.

What are the pricing packages at The Children’s Museum?

You can rent the different areas in the museum starting from $1,500 to $8,000. This price is for the 4 hour time, which includes clean up and set up time as well. You can always get more hours, but you need to pay an extra fee. The additional hours can cost you anywhere from $450 to $2,400 per hour. The additional cost depends on the reception space. In addition, you will also be asked to pay refundable security of $500.

What is the difference between wedding coordinator and planner?

You can get an on-staff event coordinator at The Children’s Museum. You may not be able to differentiate between an event coordinator and a planner. You may think that an event coordinator can handle all of your wedding planning requirements. We are experts, so we can tell that it is not true. It can be confusing, but here is the explanation.

An event coordinator does not work for the bride and groom. Instead, he works for the venue, so he is responsible for making the event successful for the management. Hence, he will not focus on your requirements.

We are here to solve this problem. The team of Weddings of Pittsburgh will work for you and will always consider your requirements as “first priority.” We are available to help you with every step of the wedding plan, and we will be there to ensure that nothing is forgotten or missed at your wedding ceremony. It is the most important thing when you are ready for the wedding ceremony.

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NOTE: In light of the pandemic and changing mandates, you can rest assured knowing that Weddings of Pittsburgh is POP (Pandemic Onsite Protocol) Certified and will enforce mandates if guests must wear masks or provide verification of vaccination status.

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