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With less than 4 months until the big day, it’s starting to set in: I’m really going to be Tracy Anne Leturgey on June 1, 2019.

My fiancé Nick proposed on May 7, 2016, to be exact, also my parent’s wedding anniversary.

He took me to the Ohio Grand Canyon, known by everyone else in the country as Hocking Hills State Park. But to us, it’ll always be the Ohio Grand Canyon. Google said this was Ohio’s largest hole in the ground.

You see, when I was young, I found this laminated photo of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon in my Great Aunt’s attic. (Yes, this one’s really called a “Grand Canyon.” It’s what Wellsboro, PA is known for.)

I always wanted to go, and I told Nick this early into our relationship. It was 5 hours away from our college town, but he insisted that he was taking me there one weekend.

It took well over six hours to get there after I entered the wrong address in the GPS, and five hours to get back because we were broke college students who didn’t want to buy a hotel.

It was a great time. I loved every second of our first road trip together.

There were many more long drives that followed. Most recently, we both made dozens of three-hour drives between Edinboro, PA to Mansfield, OH during a long-distance stint where I was working my first journalism job and he was finishing school.

One weekend during that difficult time, Nick drove to Mansfield to take me to the Ohio Grand Canyon. To me, it seemed like the best way to adjust to the new state I was living in. (I had only moved there the month before, and I wasn’t sold on the place yet.) To him, it seemed like the best way to propose.

He took me out on a small ledge and got down on one knee behind me. When I turned around, I was so excited that he had to pull me away from the cliff before putting the ring on my finger.

If you hadn’t guessed: I said “YES.”

He moved to Mansfield in December 2016 and have since planned more trips to Grand Canyons. We expect to visit the Indiana Grand Canyon (Turkey Run State Park) this summer.  And for our honeymoon, can you guess?

Yeah, we’re quirky and weird. The real Grand Canyon.

I’ve been engaged for over a year now, and there’s already been so many ups and downs, so I know the next year will be the same, if not even more so.  The wedding planning process is in full swing. (Thank goodness Tonya keeps me on track!)

Oh, and to answer why we are getting married two years after the proposal. (I get that question A LOT.)  We’re young and wanted to save money for a nice wedding with the #PittsburghWeddingPlanner, photo booth, taco bar, and all that fancy stuff.

But those are topics for another day.

by Tracy Geibel

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