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Problem with a vendor? Not a problem that you need to worry about. I’ve worked with vendors since I first entered the wedding planning businesses more than 10 years ago. What about family drama? Is your mother-in-law driving you crazy? I can negotiate and deal with all sorts of drama. I’m prepared for anything. Dealing with drama is my job.

  1. I have experience.

While you are only planning one wedding, I have planned hundreds. I’ve been making wedding dreams come true for more than 10 years now. I’ve mastered the art of planning.

  1. I stay educated.

More than a decade in the business hasn’t worn me down, and that’s mostly because I stay up-to-date. I want my clients to have the best planner, and I couldn’t be the best if I wasn’t constantly furthering my education. In 2016, I attended training at the Wedding MBA in Las Vegas, NV, and this year, I am taking classes online so I can better serve you.

  1. I love my job.

I believe that in order to do a job well, you have to love your job. I love helping couples plan the first party that they will throw together and making it the best that it can be.

  1. I do my job well.

I have been featured in The Perfect Wedding Guide’s Ask the Expert section twice, and I was named as one of the best wedding planners in Pittsburgh by Expertise in 2016.

  1. I listen to you.

I have never been the type of planner who doesn’t listen to clients. (And unfortunately, there are planners like that.) It’s your wedding day, which means it’s your vision. I will provide you with as much advice as I can, but you have the final say in everything from flowers to cake and venue to dress.

  1. Vendors have a certain respect for wedding planners.

You get married once. What can you do if the caterer forgets to bring a side dish or the DJ disappoints the crowd? You might not recommend them when your cousin gets married, but, face it, that won’t hurt the vendor too badly. However, I work with vendors all year long. And if they disappoint one bride, they know that a wedding planner won’t be recommending their services to the next couple.

  1. I can get you discounts.

It’s all about the connections I have with the vendors. Certain vendors give my clients special deals because they know that I will keep bringing them business.

  1. I am certified.

I am a certified wedding and event planner, who better to trust on your big day? And like I mentioned above, I am always working to stay up-to-date with my education.

  1. I have an emergency plan.

I have an emergency kit on me at all times on your wedding day. If something happens, I will fix it. That’s my job.

  1. I serve you so your family can enjoy the day.

Have you ever been at a wedding where the bride’s mother is running around frantically for the whole night? I want everyone in your family to have a great time and enjoy spending the day with you. I can handle the stress so they don’t have to.

  1. I am organized.

I call all the vendors two weeks before the wedding to make sure everyone is on the same page. I keep detailed notes about conversations with vendors and pay close attention to details.

  1. You shouldn’t have to stress on the best day of your life.

You deserve to enjoy your wedding day. Leave the stress behind. Call me today.

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