Valentines Day is almost upon us.  I am one of those last minute people.  Do you just give the traditional card, candy, or flowers?  What about something more adventurous and FUN loving this year?

Close your eyes and dream of when you first met him,  Remember how he smelled, looked, and what attracted you to him.  Was it his eyes, smile, laugh, attire or something else entirely?  Soak it in, take in every experience of it.  Relive it like it is happening right now!  Stay right there.  Guys, can I have your attention for just for a moment?  Go on an adventure with your lady, close your eyes, envision the first time you saw her.  She took your breath away and her stunning beauty overwhelmed you.  Remember the sights, sounds, feelings and every single thing about that moment.  Hold it tight in your memory!

Ok come back, but keep those feelings ever so close, what about an adventure this Valentines Day?

Now try this intimate adventure, you are still in euphoria with each other, completely trusting one another, not judging, but being completely supportive, to share your dreams and goals on paper for the next year, five years, and ten years then post them on the fridge and see how far you have come next year, I bet you will be surprised!!  I believe you may have just spoken your dreams into reality!

Other adventures could be a relaxing couple’s massage with essential oils, or the Peace, Love, and Zen Himalayan Salt Cave.  (Taken from their website) For centuries, people have trusted the benefits of Himalayan salt therapy to strengthen their immune systems and relieve respiratory illnesses. Today people of all ages can benefit from the natural healing properties found in salt through halo-therapy.  Try the Himalayan salt therapy in a man-made Himalayan salt cave to find relief for a variety of health issues like asthma, skin disorders and boost the immune system.  They have a chiropractor, an acupuncturist and massage therapists on staff just waiting to meet your needs.

Remember don’t let work, stress, the demands of the day, family, friends, and home life take your attention away from your better half, you chose them once, choose them now.  Focus all your attention on them today and tomorrow no matter what adventure you end up choosing.

Time and love are more important than anything you can buy, and most cherished when given!

Remember to reminisce often of this time when you first chose each other, it will calm you, relax you, help relieve stress, and strengthen you both for the future!

After Valentines Day is over book your complimentary consultation with me to share the love of your wedding visions and let’s make them a reality!

Let me relieve your stress so you can be in complete bliss on your wedding day.

Have an eventful and loving Valentines Day!

Your favorite wedding and event planner  ~Tonya





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