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Here’s an experience from a friend, Natalie, who worked with a venue coordinator to organize her big wedding day:

The venue hadn’t returned any of my calls in 2 weeks after they assured me they would be there for me the whole time. As the day approached, the less contact I had with my vendors, and the more worried I became.

Fortunately, I had hired DJ Sean with Ultimate Entertaining, and when we sat down to go over everything, he brought his wife Tonya, a wedding planner with Weddings of Pittsburgh.  I was sharing my dilemma with the hotel and their lack of response and Tonya explained why this was happening: the hotel employees are not wedding planners, they are venue coordinators.

I was hurt. Here I had believed all this time that they would take care of me and make my day completely smooth, but I was stressed and overwhelmed with no support.

Here is the critical difference between wedding planners and venue coordinators: They are there to support the hotel and not the bride. They are not going to have your back like a professional wedding planner will.

Are you working with a venue coordinator and feel like you’re being treated more like a product than a person? Are you feeling overwhelmed by it all?

Why Choose a Wedding Planner?

First, wedding planners are well experienced with the wedding game, and they can help you navigate the minefield of planning obstacles.

Second, it’s a wedding planner’s responsibility to be by your side to take care of everything.

In the case of Natalie, the venue assured her they would take care of everything, but that really wasn’t the case. Here is a checklist of questions for all my girlfriends to ask the venue event planner who says, “I will handle everything.”

  • Do you set up the cookie table?
  • Do you replenish the cookie table?
  • Will I be your sole focus? Or will there be other events you are responsible for?
  • Will you coordinate with my other vendors?
  • Will you handle any problems they have?
  • Will you provide me a timeline and provide that to my vendors?
  • Will you greet my guests and make them feel welcome?
  • Will you make sure guests sign my guest book?
  • Will you make the most of the time provided to me for the day?
  • Will you take care of an intoxicated family member without forcing them to leave?
  • Will you provide a throw-away bouquet if mine is lost?
  • Will you have an extra money bag for the shot dance?
  • Can you sew my dress and take care of wardrobe malfunctions?
  • Will you provide aspirin?
  • Do you have an emergency strategy?

In the end, I was able to come into the picture and help Natalie on her big day. I overcame her wedding obstacles with her calm demeanor, her objectivity, and her attention to detail. I handled everything, and I didn’t have a care in the world. Everything was exactly what she had hoped for! She felt completely pampered.

If you’re looking to cut corners or save a few dollars, a wedding planner or day-of coordinator is not the place to do it. The peace of mind and quality of service that I can provide is the difference between a stressful, mediocre experience and a flawless, stress-free wedding experience.

Be proactive, call today! Tonya Edinger 724-968-7135 or use my online appointment form.

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