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Wedding Bliss – Do You Have It?

Brianna & Mike
Dynamic Wedding Duo
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The story of Bri and her Bear, in her words:

This picture, to me, represents the perfect relationship and I’ll tell you why:

My amazing husband picked up a second job to help support us by being a nighttime janitor. Hours aren’t long but it’s hard work, gross at times and low pay.

Sometimes he gets home at a decent hour and other times, like the time this picture was taken, he isn’t done until 2:30 or later in the morning. Last night, I went to bed and fell asleep without him because I had to get up early for my job. It made me really sad that I couldn’t fall asleep next to my husband.

Tonight, he left for work and I stayed at home. He later called me and tells me he forget the keys and had to drive all the way back home, grab the keys and drive all the way back to the job. I knew at that point he wouldn’t get home until well after 3 AM and on instinct I offered to tag along and help him clean.

Wedding Bliss – it’s instinctual, selfish, and selfless

You need to understand that although they allow me to tag along and help him clean once in awhile, I do not get paid to do this. I clean toilets, dust a crap load, empty garbage cans for free because I am selfish.

You may be asking “how is that selfish?!” Well I’ll tell you: It’s selfish because even though I wanted to help him, I also did it because I did not want to go to bed again without him and I did not want to see less of him because he made a small mistake. He is my best friend and any chance I can spend time with him, I take it and run.

Wedding Bliss – sometimes it’s just having a companion, a best friend, someone you can say anything to

They always say that when you are in a relationship or get married you can’t be selfish anymore…but my selfishness allowed me to spend time with my husband, help him and although it’s late he finished the job earlier than if he was by himself.

We are a normal couple and have our pretty arguments and frustrations with each other but I am so ridiculously proud of this man for all the hard work he does, his kindness he shows to not only me but others as well, and his dedication to hard work to provide necessities for us to keep our heads above water and to our relationship. Saying that I love him isn’t enough to describe how I feel about this glorious man.

I know this post was long, but if you took the time to read it I hope you learned that being selfish in a relationship is normal and could possibly benefit your relationship and to always appreciate what you have no matter who you are. You should never feel that you are above your partner because you are equals and finally, cherish the love you share because they should not only be your lover but your best friend. He is mine and I am his.

This is the perfect relationship to me because he frustrates me, tests my patience daily, I anger him on occasion and annoy the crap out of him but my love for him grows even stronger everyday and I’d do anything in my power to help him and be by his side.

I love you, Bear. Thank you for choosing me to be your partner in crime…I wouldn’t have it any other way. ????

***EDIT: I took this picture at 2:32 AM after we finished cleaning an entire building with 3 floors, sweaty, exhausted and gross. If this doesn’t prove love exists in your eyes, then nothing will.

wedding bliss

I Love You No Matter What

Sometime it’s just being grateful for the love in your life – do you have it? Wedding Bliss

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