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So you just got engaged, and you start to feel overwhelmed.  You have no idea where to start and Google has you on information overload to the point of a headache.  Did you know that we offer a 30 min reveal your dream vision and can give you a start for free?

We at Weddings of Pittsburgh, and me personally, do NOT believe in going into wedding debt.  Why?  Because guess what you will fight about every time there is a money crisis, the wedding.  Is that really how you want to start out?  What happened to happily ever after?  Can you really have that warm and fuzzy feeling knowing the $359 payment on the wedding loan is coming due AGAIN?

I had a bride contact me last week and tell me she was just so frustrated with how things are adding up at the last minute, she has hired me for day of coordinating.  She wanted to vent about how she was going to have to just settle because it was not in the budget and she really wanted it but they promised each other they wouldn’t go over budget.

I really respect this bride and groom for making that hard decision!  Too often people take the easy way out only to pay dearly in the end and are like well I am only doing this once, it’s a special day, I deserve this, etc. The best thing she did was call me to vent!  I was able to relocate her reception venue and get the food cost down with a trusted vendor of mine.. savings $500.  I also took care of getting her a deal with the linens she wanted for her fairytale winter in white wedding, linen savings….another $500.  Do you have an extra $1000 to throw away? Burn? Or would you like that in your pocket? Or savings account? Dream here….down payment on a house? Car?

A lot of times when I am hired at the beginning of the planning process I can help you save even more money, usually 20% of your entire wedding budget, because I do weddings all the time, hopefully this is your only one!  I also, have knowledge because I have done this for over 17 years.

Do you want to say I Do Not to your wedding debt?  Vent today! Vent right now!

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